Need help with new Skill Point Una quest Prereqs

I am trying to unlock the new Skill Point Una Task and i’ve been having a tough time tracking down the prerequisites to getting the quest that rewards you the Una Task.

Right now I am at this point in the pre-reqs:

However, When I come to where Sebastian used to be, he is no longer there and does not show up if I search his name in the Minimap. Any tips?


I just search skill point in the reputation tab in Unas task. The librarian quest pops up and you have to go to whisp isle or something like that.

My friend asked about this actually. Our best guess was 1540iLvl req considering that we both have done pretty much everything in Arkesia

Oh you need to do the purple quest in vern and finish the quest chain. Quest is called the infinite darkness. Located above where the chaos dugeun and guardian raids are.

That quest is not available for me. The quest I am trying to do in the screenshots is a prereq. to unlock that quest.

Can it be another quest that you have and using the same npc? Try unaccepting all you quest and redo them. Might help.

The NPC to receive the Infinite Darkness quest isn’t even available for me yet.

These are the only quests I have ongoing in my entire roster currently. Morlo’s Shop is an arthentine quest.


Search for Adventure with Cindy in the Completed tab.

And Will.

Looks like I have nott completed that yet


I have Completed Will


I dont remember when they added it but i remeber them just popping up for me. Maybe go to whisp isle and check the purple quests there since the daily have you go there.

You need to do Illusion bamboo island and Isteri islands quest lines

I have completed Illusion Bamboom island questlines, unfortunately the first quest on Isteri Island is the quest I posted in the first post of this thread.

I think hes back in bamboo island lol. Or at the island kadan is on.

How about “Searching for a Legend”.

An Adventure with Cindy - Quests - Lost Ark Codex Look at the prequests and match what you have and have not finished

Make sure you finish everythjbg on bamboo before going to vern to look for sebastian.

I will follow this for a while. The only one I have completed is Destiny’s Whisper which seems to be 10ish quests behind the one im trying to do. Thanks