Need Help with This Quest

Don’t know what i should Do Tried Everything but can’t get this merchant To my Stronghold

Hello @Ventalety !

I understand you’re having issues trying to get the merchant from Candaria Trade Company. In order to be able to use the scroll, you first need to have completd the quest “Into the Chaos”. In order to get this quest, you need to talk to Sebastian in North Vern, which will trigger a quest that you need to complete to get the “Into the Chaos” quest. After that you’ll be able to star the merchant’s quest.

I hope this information helps!


i Cant Find Sebastian in northvern

its been long time for me… but i think its should lead u to this area but i could be wrong… im not sure.

I tried but still getting the same message

Hello again!

I’m sorry to hear about you still not being able to get the merchant. What message are you getting? Is it possible for you to share a screenshot so I can better understand the issue?

Also, were you able to find the NPC for the required quests?

Please let me know so I can assist you accordingly!