Need info for 5x3 and futur


i’m still on 4x3 cause no enough gold income

yesterday i bought my first legendary book and i was going for a 7/7 stones after something like 80 pheons i ended with a 9/7

so how can i manage now to get my 5x3 easily and maybe later 5x3 +1 or +2

setup is =

+12 book
+9 book
9/7 stone

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, nice nice now that is forever your main, now to get 5x3 with what you have is really easy just use this carefully.

12 + 9 + 40 + 16 = 77

You can get 2 access with +3/+4 or one with +3/+3

Depending on your engravings will determine what you want where, just make sure to scour all the possible options in the AH
As far as the +1 goes, youll need another legendary engraving OR a casual 10/9 stone. Not really worth unless youre a g2g enjoyer


swap neck with ear 1, so you have 3/3 on neck and 3/5 on ear 1, it might be cheaper. either that or get like me 2 that are 3/4.

ok thank you guys i’m gonna take my time to look at ah and make it properly thx

U already saved alot of pheons/gold only by this.

And if u know go for your 12/12 books, idk what class u play but u would save alot more gold long term if u go 12/12.

i play sorc but igniter is out of touch that’s not possible for now

when do we need to move on 5x3 +1 or +2 ? brel hard or akkan ?

U can only start moving to 5x3 +1/2 only if u have 12/12 anyways and with better rock like yours 7/9 is needed. And u need Ancient Acc.

My mate is Igniter mage too he have 4x3 +2 buy step by step buys igniter books. And after that he swap his necklace, and have 5x3.

But u dont need 5x3 for Brell Normal. Maybe in Pub. But if u have static or friends not.

With you 9/7 you already can do 5x3+1 more is at the moment not possible.

So better do that now instead of changing again after you bought 5x3 new, that would be waste.

i started buying igniter books when it was at 8k after the skyrocket i stopped
but if i can be long time at 5x3 i can get them before the brel hard and ancient acc so it will be fine i guess

this is what i was looking for thx but having ign leg is not possible atm for me

9/7 is a wasted stone if you settle just for a 5x3.
For 5x3+1 you need 2 legendary books. For just 5x3 what you have right now is fine

Considering 5x3 is expensive as hell for igniter sorc, I would say a 9/7 stone is not a waste for a 5x3. I would aim for that with ancient accessories in mind. 5x3 is really good no point in spending 100k more for one more level 1 that’s going to get replaced again

i made the 5x3 today with something like 120 000g for 4 acc and 22k for 100 pheons
i saved a leg acc that fit perfectly allows to switch him to go for 5x3 +1 when i’ll have the gold

and my sorc is thankfull like me

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