Need my character restored please and thank you!

Hi there! I deleted my character hoping to reroll the name as a sharpshooter but I didn’t realize theres a 60 day name hold. Is it possible to get my character restored please? I’d rather just continue playing my beserker now :frowning:

Hi @KazeGagne Welcome to the Forum! :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day today and I’m sorry that you experience this issue with your character.

I already checked and in order to restore your character you need to have a free slot, let me know when you have a free slot to help you. :mage:

Hey @Lyon I’m ready! I have 5/6 slots on Galatur ready for my berserk Kazegagne :slight_smile:

Just to confirm do you remember the lv of your character? @KazeGagne :slight_smile:

mmm I want to say he was level 16 or 23ish, I wasn’t very far on him

I restored one of your characters a berserker lv 18 on Galatur so please restart the game and let me know if that’s the right one. :slight_smile:

It is! Thank you very much for your help today!!

Have a great one!

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You’re more than welcome! :slight_smile:

Safe travels in Arkesia with your berserker! :crossed_swords: :world_map: