Need RNG to play the game

So after hitting 1100, this game basically told me to go f… myself for not getting the gear from chaos dungeons. Everything is locked.

Thanks, it was a good experience up to this point, but having a whole weekend to dedicate to this and barely waiting to see the t3 bosses and NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME ( not because of time, but RNG) is just pathetic game design.

It’s a good ONE time rush through storyline/ islands game, but that’s all. Nothing more.

Same thing happened to me, but it honestly didn’t bother me.
Lot’s of side quests and stuff opened up
There’s a ton to do in punika for the adventure journal
And just a crap load of side content in the game, 1-2 days of not being able to do the T3 bosses ain’t going to kill you
But honestly if all you care about is progressing through item level then this game probably isn’t for you


So I get it. This kinda shocked me to, and I even researched a bunch of stuff beforehand (its fun for me, I’m weird).

But if this is what frustrates you, the game is not for you. It gets MUCH worse. We are talking 1% honing success rates here.

I’ve had to change my mindset with this game. Its designed to be a marathon, not a race. Alts are pretty much expected.

Edit: To clarify, I don’t like this particular aspect of game design. The game leans way to heavily into RNG. However, I’m enjoying everything else despite that.

People trying to “beat” an MMO is the main issue I’m seeing in the forums. It is designed to keep you playing forever. There is always going to be one more thing you can do, one more thing just out of reach.

This doesn’t rule the fact that it’s an awful game design and it ruins player experience. You do get locked out of content and “forced” to do side quests or whatever. I just wanted to try guardian raids this weekend…

It’s awful for you. For many other players they are fine with it. Just accept that you don’t like it and move on, no need to clutter the forums. I’ve seen variations of this post countless times already. I think a lot of people are too stubborn to accept that this just isn’t their kind of game. For me, I’m a masochist and a gambling addict so this scratches the itch for me. For others, they won’t like it. That’s fine. You don’t have to force yourself to continue on with this, you realize what the game is. Now it is on you to decide whether you want to play or not.

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I can’t argue that it’s annoying and bad design, but worth quiting over? I don’t think so personally