Need some advice on a class

i have almost one of each class, but honestly i have trouble picking one. Any suggestions for a solo player? I was told sorc but she feels a bit …difficult?

Play what is fun.
Every class is viable, it’s all about the fun at this point.

Sorc doesn’t feel difficult, there a quite a bit more complicated classes imo.

If sorcerer is to difficult for you, I have one advice. Don’t pick Gunslinger :slightly_smiling_face: Berserker is quite cool for fresh players and very effective :muscle:

thats my issue, none of the classes grab me entirely. i enjoy a few of them but not in the “this is definitely my main” way XD

Paladin feels very fun and gets the benefits of helping others, if you like that kinda thing.

Go with the one that feels most natural doing damage with

Sorc is pretty easy and fun

i found sorc (lvl 25 currently) to be easy if you are thoughtful. your damage really slaps so if strategize before your fight you will kill most anything before it gets to you.

i plan on finishing leveling her next. but i quite like it.

i know its unpopular in Korea, but striker is super fun and very satisfying so far.

I was in the same boat. I made like one of everything.

So far kinda settled on Shadowhunter. a nice comination of melee, but most of her abilities so far (level 21) have a range…so its a good mix. Also feels more user friendly than death blade. PLUS, you get cool demon stuff.

The other class I have quite liked is Artillerist. The skills are cool, and it feels great when you clear waves.