Need some info on sea bounties maps

For these 4 Sea bounties do you need to do specific co-op, or can they drop from any gate?


Also dose this map exists :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ?
Oblivion drives me crazy!


Shipwrecks as far as I know are maps you get from gate of harmony type of sailing events The ones where you enter with keys you get from sailing co-ops

I personally opened around 70-80 times got 3 maps which gave little gold and no sea bounty and then gave up. Abyssmal drop rate

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Yep i know this.
What i wanted to know if for example:

Adventure: Ghost Stingray can drop only from a specific gate or from all gates.

There are 5 Gates so i dont want to do the ones that dont drop the maps if the maps drop on specific gates.

As far as I know they can drop from w/e. Ill ask a mate who has at least some of them maybe he knoes more