Need ur opinion about scrapper build

Hello everyone,

I used to play support since day one and I’m at 1420 atm, feels bad couldn’t make it 1430 this week but it’s okay, I’ll get there one day.
I’ve been playing the game for like 2 months now or even less, I have 4 alts and the last one was scrapper, I really do enjoy her game play.
Today she went to 1370 and I decided to gear her, and hell yea it was very very expensive to gear her with the normal/meta build “tei/grudge/ambush master/adre” so this would cost over 30k to get.
So, I swapped adrea to percie dagger instead, was way much cheaper tbf, and now I have 4x4 engraving as well. I also have to mention that I don’t have LCW card set yet, 2 cards away from it.
I’ll add kBW in the future when she will be able to reach 1415.
So I’m here to ask if what I did was a mistake or not.
I may change my main pally later on after he reach 1460

Please let me know for all scrappers taijutsu mains out there.

I use swift/crit stats.
Neck/1 earing for crit and the rest are swiftness.
BTW the quality 80% to 100%

Get to 1460 before you continue honing. You’re welcome

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well, this is not what im looking for, cuz I have already said that on my post. But thanks for taking ur time to answer tho.

You should be more than fine.
KB might not be the best choice with precies, but that you can do some research when you get to point where you want to build the 5th engraving.

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Complete fine build, will need higher crit than with adrenaline to make keen blunt viable, because of the negative effect on precise dagger and does slightly less damage than a build with adrenaline since you lose the attack power from it.

Overall completly viable choice, just not absolut BiS.

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Building her with relic gear is a lot cheaper except for the neck that for me was 20k for a 80 quality 3/5. I would suggest you to build her half half so you wont lack anything and using your pet on swiftness you can build raid captain without the need of adrenaline having 1000 crit + enthropy set

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You probably don’t want to here this but a 3x3 with ambush, tai and grudge would have been perfectly fine, add in another lvl 1 adrenaline and you are Gucci. Anything beyond that will be built once she is 1415. At least that is the most economical way.

Your build is far from being bad, just a poor decision to build 4x3 now and soon throw those accessoires away for relics

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30k for legendary acc setup? wtf

Actually going pd is not a terrible choice. It’s more crit and you dont have to stack it again after a boss does some stupid 5 sec animations. And kbw actually gets more effective with it.
I’ve build this combination before but on shock scrapper where it’s harder to stack Adrenalin.

But do you really build a legendary setup for 30k? I always go 3x3 selffound until 1415 and then get full relic… Get a 6/6 stone and the same engravingbook 9/9 then equip 5 accessoires with your class engraving which are free in argos and oreha. A worse stone is still fine 6/4 and you need 2 in any of your accs.

I used to do 3x3 engraving with my alts, but as I said before, I do enjoy this alts more than my main, now I’m at 1430 with my pally, way too close to 1445 next week.
And yes, full accessories with adre will cost 28/30k gold since I used to pick a high quality necklace and earrings for the best stats, remember my alt will stay at 1370 until I get enough bound materials to push her to 1415 and so on.
So replacing adrenaline with pd was a bad idea tbh.
Losing crit damage isn’t a good choice tho.
And I didn’t know that shock build was sooooo cheap.
98 quality necklace with class engraving and adrenaline / crit-spec was for 7k gold.
Imagine the rest of her accessories.

But I do like taijutsu more than shock build.
I used to be swiftness player, more movement player.

Anyway, as u said my dear, I’ll wait until 1415 with this build unless If I get 2 or 3 acc from argos with the right engravings I’d buy 2 more I have wasted enough gold and pheons already.

Thanks for ur answer.
Have a good day/night

I was checking for scrapper builds and then went to market. There are really limited choice you can do and they are too expensive like 90k for a shitty ring. Only advice i can give is make 4x3 viable build that you dont want to change soon. :smiley:

I guess since you said your scrapper is at 1370 your prices also refer to legendary items, cause if you get a relic neck with spec/crit 98 quality AND adrenaline + shock training for 7k you’re the luckiest person alive :smiley:

For reference: spec ring, <50 quality with ambush master5/shock3 was between 40-100k on EUC 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:
Not even gonna start on necklaces or high quality with shock :joy: