Need wardancer mains helps with engravings and relic set

Hello there,

Sorry for bothering, but I really like this class a lot.
After watching a lot of YouTube videos, I felt that I’m into this class.

So I used this new punika powerpass and express event to reach ilv 1445, so yea.
I have created this character yesterday, and I still need to work on my tripods as well as my engravings.

I have read/watched many YouTube videos as I said before, but I’m still confused about the relic sets and engravings as well.

I have to admit that I have a big mana issue and I do miss a lot of runes “conviction /judgment” runes so I run out of mana very quick even before I finish my dps window.

I’m not bothered about that, Im still learning the class and I know this class shine with relic set.

So let’s start talking about the real thing here.

I’m planning to go for first intention build, which I almost have +12 with legendary books.

I also want to play 2/2/2 relic set, since I want to be mainly back attack player.

I have no idea if it good in general or not. And if so which engravings do u recommend me to go for, since I’m running now:

First intention 3
Ambush master 3
Mass increase 3

Im planning to get a 7/7 stone so I can make it 5x3 for a long term game play.

I know that I need swift/crit neck and the rest swiftness.

So which build do u recommend as 4x3 and 5x3 as well.

And if u have any suggestions about some other builds /relic build please share this with me.

BTW I have read the doc wardancer already.

And Im follow the relic set but I don’t know any shiit about dps engravings should look like.

I hope this topic wasn’t too long.

And I hope that I can find someone willing to help.

Thanks a lot.

i dont main my wd but for me this was realy helpfull > Wardancer Community Guide - Google Docs

If you’re a good player i recommend you to use esoteric, it always has been the most damage build but it’s harder than FI. I’m a main WD and have all those builds(and have tested it), you can contact me in discord iKhyse#0002 for more details in builds/content creators to follow! Also, esoteric mostly don’t have mana issues but you will need all Wealth runes in most of them!

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FI you can go:
Entropy 2 dominion 4(you will need Oath of the Wind tripods in winds whisper and convic judg rune):
Ambush Master/Grudge/FI/RC(you can use KBW)/Cursed Doll(same here, can use KBW)
4x3 you can delete cursed doll.

FI you can go:
Nightmare 2 dominion 4(most reliable build because its not ass sniffa/back attack, still need convic and judg). In this buils you will need Blessing of the wind tripod because of increase mass, or you can go oath of the wind and use cursed doll to not have any mana issue and maybe dont need runes:
Grudge/FI/KBW/RC/IM(can use CD)

Or you can go(need runes and oath of the wind tripod) Grudge/RC/Cursed Doll/KBW/Awakening 2 + FI 1 to run full dominion. If you dont like having class at 1 you can use adrenaline 1, keep awakening 2 and change cursed doll to FI!

If anyone see a mistake please let me know, i’m a esoteric main now but sure have studied other builds!

Esoteric: You can use Hallucination or dominion set, since esoteric dont have crit rate tripods on skills you wont use KBW if youre running full dominion. Esoteric has a lot of builds and rotations, you can use the docs from WD to that.

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I have read that. Thanks

I only have 2 rare runes atm, kinda new lazy player.
As well as I didn’t like eso play style. If so I’d do striker instead, am I right!
And definitely, I’ll add on discord, there’s a lot you can explain and teach me. Since you have tried all builds and so on.

Thanks a lot :pray:

Well, I may try this first at trixion, and see how it going for me.
but I do have an issue with the runes. (Conviction rare) (Judgment uncommon)

So this is why I have mana issue.

Strikers are a LOT different from wardancers, i do play both and have friends that play with both of them too. Esoteric doesnt mean you need to play striker. Wardancers are a lot more complicated due to variety of builds and play styles. Your runes its a huge problem, wardancers are heavily dependent on runes, gems and farm, in FI you will suffer from mana issue a lot and in esoteric you will suffer from gauge, the only build you wouldnt suffer is esoteric 1 spender probably, but that build also have some mana issues.

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i’m trying as hard as I can to get those runes as well.