Nerf Chaos Dungeon Drops T3

55-65 destruction stones from daily chaos runs is too many. I think we need max 10. Please nerf material drops its too many, I dont even know what to do with every single of them.


My weapon is +76 and idk what to do with all these destruction stones! My weapon is starting to glow so bright I cant see anything


Especially in T3, please stop giving out mats altogether, I am sick and tired of it. While you are removing the mats, make the honing vendor on a respawn similar to Little Luck Island where he only shows up 10mins every 2 hours.


i just don’t even do the dungeons, that way i don’t get any at all.

this is the one thread they will actually take into consideration.


While you are doing that, please also reduce honing rate to 0.00001%
Rn every hit is a success and it is getting boring.

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We also have to many classes and skins. Please remove them.

I’m getting enough honeing materials to do a weapon try every other day. How do they expect this mmo to last. If they don’t slow down the mats we are going to get to end game too fast.

hahahahaha :)))


Please also reduce classes , we don’t need more , we need less ,just make berserker as the only character to pick . Also, bring up less content since a have a lot with the x4 leapstones chaos dungeons drop per day is too much for me to be able to handle it.


Please make the Chaos and Guardian only available by dropping a ticket to access it by doing the tower from level 1 to 50 without dying.


Omg stop whining … changes are coming in 2 days.

while you’re at it please remove maps we have too many we only need prideholme. We can all fit in it including bots

Why do the Void Dungeons even drop loot? We should be thankful enough for even being able to kill monsters in this game.

And make the Guardian bosses harder! They are not dodging nearly every skill that we use.

Required Continent quest lines are too short and I don’t feel like There are enough of them to enjoy the game. Please make continent quests refresh daily and clearing a continent a require before each chaos dungeon attempt, so we can sprinkle in more of the content we actually want to do.


please increase the mob HP, they die too fast, chaos dungeon is not challenging enough, the megaboss also needs like 10x more hp and more one shot mechanics


A Oneshot mechanic in Chaos would just be awesome, right :smiley: