Nerf deathblade stuns goddamn

Na. I just like trolling this kid now because he played all his cards too fast and can’t muster up apologies lol.

Also her opinion of death blade is valid across 99 percent of gm’s

Stunbot thinks all gms are braindead.

Your apology was covered up by you arguing with her that you were right lol.

I mean you think Wardancer needs more Superarmor than Deathblade when in KR and RU there’s more Wardancers in GM and Master by an insane amount. You’re both idiots who don’t know what you’re talking about

At least I don’t call grandmasters braindead.

atleast i’m topping diamond in pubs rn, this kid doesn’t even play the game. Or he just cries about classes he has no clue how to play against like most bronze players :cold_face:

If you’re diamond im rank 1 lol.

Diamond on a class that plays itself btw.

right, i’ll just continue playing the game instead of fantasizing about my skill in the forums, pce

You have fun doing that on a class that plays itself bro.

You’ll both be iron equivalent. Go to sleep.

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I could be the lowest rank in the game. At least I don’t have the audacity to call grandmasters braindead lol.

I think laufie has a bf bro, relax

Thought you were going to play?

There are the top 5% ppl who can deal with any class and the rest of 95% who will find DB op because it has 3x cc immunity lvl 2 on skills + AOE + BURST + fastest hard stun .
there is a reason why in both russia/korea forums it is hated and complained about the same as here .
( a lot of classes do not have a range hard CC = even worse for them )

  • i do think for most people this class feels busted with no “easy” way to deal with. Artillerist while it seems broken again to a lot of people it trully has a farily easy to counter /deal with it way : auto attack to use the immunity vs range stagger gattling gun to avoid stun .

we can talk about sorc and the kite/dmg /stalling/AOE rotation it has has as well :))

Pretty sure supports are the best

Still waiting to hear when you’ve actually played gunslinger :heart:

Just comes down to approaching DB in a different way depending on the class and completely understanding what you can or can not CC, DB isn’t a class you can face roll had a game yesterday against @Stunbott (using striker) and hes a good DB and we both were playing the baiting game haha all it takes is one mistake when facing a good player and either one can lose it becomes a mind game which is why most of us auto attack randomly to put them under pressure.

So who won?

I did only because he had 70% of health when we fought. plus the timer makes you become impatient so either he waits for my mistake which at the time i wanted to win from the timer admittedly lol or he goes aggressive in hopes to catch me. If we were to fight out of 3 he would win im sure i honestly do not have patience xD

Did you land phoenix advent into moon flash kick or you caught him with something else?