NERF FEEDBACK - complaint against casuals

We can all agree some of the t1 t2 content can be annoying. Vertus has stupidly annoying hitboxes, and etc. While a slight hp nerf can understandable, why are you nerfing abyssal dungeons?

Understand that 75% of casuals try to ape through all content without taking time to learn mechanics, care about mechanics, or even take the time to learn how to optimize their character ( gear, engravings, battle items) etc.

Some of the guardian raids have pretty stupid attacks, lack of stagger bars where stagger checks are required, monster attacks are annoyingly hard to see. Sure.

Yet, players, casual or not, need to be forced to learn mechanics to beat content. What worries me is that when these same players hit t3 content, they will complain again about difficulty. Then we will see news of t3 and actual end game content being nerfed.

MMO’s should be difficult. End game content should be difficult. People should wipe until they do mechanics properly.

I can understand nerfing a couple of the guardian raids. Even though none of them on the list are really that hard once you learn their respective fights.

However, DON’T NERF ABYSSAL DUNGEONS AND OR MAKE NERFING CONTENT A HABIT, or you’ll have a bunch of casuals who get bored, and a bunch of hardcore mmo’ers who don’t care to play unchallenging content anymore. Game has only been out for 3 weeks and we already have a content nerf.



You have to Look at the Steam achievement, 90% of the Players are not so far and struggle, only a little group of experienced Players Beat the content and Run with t3.

@keragi That interpretation is completely wrong though. All it says is that many player starting the game did not play until T3 (by now) for whatever reason. Take me for an example. I have about 75h in the game and am still within T1 because I just like to explore and take it slow/ start additional characters with colleagues that joined later. The achievement you look at says nothing…
This is the case for nearly every game on steam by the way. People start the game and quit a couple hours later because they don’t like it, don’t have time to play or went on to another game that caught their attention. It’s not even a close indicator that people are struggling with T3.

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as the above said, basing where people are at or what they are struggling with by steam %'s is utter insanity. I have multiple friends that have 5-6 gs 500ish characters simply because they like testing out characters and playing the game at their own pace. Most people aren’t actually “stuck”, just not everyone is trying to burn through content.

and the people who are “stuck” are probably stuck because they are doing all the activities that grant mats. Not because t1 and t2 content is SO HARD

no roxx posted the statistics in another topic on this. Its literally like less than 10% of the total population that have actually cleared some of this content.

Hardcore players bottom line is this. If the vast majority cant even progress through the lower tiers why would they continue playing? Game basically dies off at that point. So this is obviously a big concern for amazon. Do I believe they should be blindly nerfed into oblivion? No I think every encounter should be looked at individually and be tuned over time until a decent balance is struck. Between this issue and the bots though they’ve got a bit of an uphill battle to keep players from jumping ship for greener pastures.

I have one Character with 170h Playtime, actually im in gs 550, im a slow Player.
I have tried and finish vertus one time and IT was hard enough for ne. Im not willing to do IT repeadly. so my housing Crew is doing this content for me. I dont Like Challenges.

I completely agree and think the problem lies with most of the “casual gamer” mentality.

I have 6 alts, I have done Abyssals and Guardian raids on them all from T1 to T3. The most common thing I see is after the first wipe they opt to quit instead of trying again and trying to learn the mechanics, this of course happens mostly in T1 content, lesser so at higher tiers of content.

For example: I had a guildy struggling with beating T1 Demon Beast Canyon, not being able to kill even the first boss, due to the red pools engulfing the entire arena and none of the players knowing that countering the boss during the charge will clear them. One of these particular guildy was ready to write the game off right there. So I told him I would queue with him on an alt in T1 and show them how to do the fights. I queued with my 2 guildies, (after helping them to optimize their gear, engravings, and skill builds), and 1 pug. After explaining mechanics and after no wipes on the first boss and only a couple wipes on the second boss we were able to complete the raid. The pugs even thanked me for helping to explain the fight.

Tldr; The more casual player base need to be willing to learn the fights either through trial and error, watching videos or reading guides and not blame it on the bosses or fights being too difficult.

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And what % of the “total population” have made it to level 50? There’s a lot of ways to interpret data, we don’t know exactly how AGS are doing it because we don’t have access to the same numbers. Really hoping smilegate puts their foot down on this madness.

If they can’t progress through the upper tiers, why would they continue playing? Just ask for more nerfs or threaten to leave. Ruin the game for everyone else just to get instant gratification.

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Very simple answer. Those casuals are gona be gone soon as new Star Wars game releases and this will happen no matter if its nerfed or not. And the people that actually want to play will have garbage game and will also leave.

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You say that however according to my steam I have 100% the game so there’s always that fact

Ok but when you do not like a challenge I do not understand why you even play this activity (or the game itself). When I am tired or do not feel up to the challenge I do not start up a Dark Souls from my steam playlist and then complain that it is to difficult and it needs to be nerfed. I choose another game and go back to Dark Souls when I am in the right mood and up to the challange. If I don’t like the challenge, I do not download/buy the game. What you expect on the other hand is that the game evolves around your desire just to fit your “I don’t like challenge” mindset. I don’t think that is fair, considering that other players like the game as it was developed and as it is now.

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I mean realy you nerfing the raids how what?
The game is just a mindless gruide and the Raids was the only interestent content, that was actual fun. I was realy happy after!!!

The minor problems you cant just play the Game with just one Carracter!!! not even 2
1 Raid run per Week is just to less to have fun or to progress. If you open conntent to more replayes for one Character more people will just know the fight -.- and its matchmaking will be ok than for sure. I was just shock at the moment i saw:
oh thats not 6 Dungons a week its only 6x1 per Character. OMG STUPID

If the boss was hard you deserve the loot.