Nerf Kungelanium's HP

He isn’t difficult or anything, but nobody wants to play that poorly thought out chore of a guardian for 6 minutes a run.
Just nerf him down to 2-3 minutes please so we can all forget he exists.

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sure let’s nerf velganos as well

Jesus… go play single player games. Asking to nerf latest guardien, cause u can’t one shot him fast enough… I hope ur joking, it has to be a joke right, right?


what did u expect on ilvl on a guardian that u cant have full uptime on as a melee, its pretty normal, deskaluda w 4 1415s would take like 5 mins as well probably

Lol I use my house to clear 2 times every day and also get more XP at home

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Takes me and my mates as 4 1460s 4x3 around 6 min most of the time sometimes low 5s, which is 100% reasonable

It drops me more legendary books for those who do not understand how crazy it is

It’s a turtle guardian… they are tanky. Plus a lot of people are closer to required ilvl for the content than Deska. Once people are better on board with flares, destro bombs, corrosive, and pheros it will be fine

Incase you didn’t know this but all 3 turtle in their raid level have hp higher than some other bosses (even the bosses at higher ilvl have lower hp than them) in exchange for the boss attacks are super slow and easy to predict

6 min is not long at all lol

what? xD

6min is not long if you enjoy what your doing
1min is fcking long if you dont like what your doing
you can just do deskaluda if you hate that blue turtle
while im on 1400 ilvl for weeks i did yoho cause i hate velganos

This is just nonsense.

i know like most of people playing this game wasting their time instead of doing something else and then if someone else doing that properly they will rant cause their time got wasted :rofl:
expect your time to be wasted when your playing the game and here a bonus this is a MMORPG

If history on western servers has shown something, it is that item-usage actually tends to go down over time - not up…
But yea, corro shaves at least a minute off the fight…


No Idea what you are talking about
Ice Turtle is perfectly fine

Yes you need a very good team to finish it fast otherwise it will most of the time be difficult to finish in 4 minutes

I don’t have time to reply to each individual clown in this thread, but generally speaking guardian content is just trash and a complete chore.
It isn’t that the turtle is difficult or hard to beat or impossible to beat faster than six minutes. The issue is that you are compelled/ encouraged to play trash content multiple times daily which takes about three times as much time as the last trash content.
This particular flavor of trash is also more annoying if your team is being greedy/dense and doesn’t understand weakpoint.

I would honestly be ok if guardian raids just weren’t in the game. They are trash compared to almost every other form of content.
Comparing this particular guardian favorably to other bad content within the MMO genre is meaningless.

did you feel like a badass typing that?

Phew… so glad the internet tough guy didn’t use his no-no gamer words on me