Nerf of Chaos Dungeon Greater leapstones at 1400 ilvl?


I noticed on my main and alt that starting today I only got one Greater Leapstone after two Chaos dungeon runs. Surely this is a change on your end since I got way more the previous weeks?

If you state you want people to reach Valtan while nerfing Greater leapstone drops from Chaos dungeons you are contradicting yourself.

Are other people also noticing this?

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They’ve nerfed Greater Leapstone gains in other more obvious ways yet you people complain about the dumbest and least provable one.
This is why we get shafted so much.

Sure, compared to other regions we are dry fed… Yet giving something and then removing is way worse than not giving from the start.
Don’t get me wrong I agree with you that this is not a good state they are providing us to begin with.

its been proven that its just rng. u either get 0 to 4 per dungeon run

Then it is an unlucky day for my roster and guildmates. Cheers