Nerf Unknown Island?

This island is exceedingly irritating. It’s not fun in any way shape or form. I don’t care that it’s a maze really but what is aggravating is all the damn monkeys body blocking you from maneuvering especially when it’s dead content and there are two people trying to fight the boss. Not to mention it’s impossible to stagger it even with a handful of people. Please either nerf this crappy island or increase the island soul drop rate so we don’t have to continuously waste our time being miserable on some stupid island such as this one.

How would you fairly nerf this island so it’s still an engaging piece of content, Myrikal?

increase the island soul drop rate

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That’s a fair change.

That’s about the only change I would’ve suggested as well. I can’t see any other reason why anyone would willingly do this island. LOL

An analysis should be conducted to see how many people do islands in general and check if the island soul drop rate should be increased. Unknown island is just 1 of many dead islands and without being able to get the soul because of the well placed (but shitty) drop rate thinking of the current state of the players doing them.

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Fair feedback, FantasMicxd. I’ve sent this thread over to the development team.

This is definitely fair. Personally I stopped trying when I was 1 of only 2 people there attempting it. Even 5 people it’s kinda rough. The boss is not a fun fight either. I’ll admit I do enjoy the adventuring through the jungle to find the “King” but when you find him just to fight him for 10-15 min and of those minutes about 25%-30% of it he’s throwing a massive invincible tantrum… I’d rather just sit here and farm Chaos Dungeons or something lol

I mean…there is a gold reward too, just sayin haha

oh you’re right, buffing the measly gold reward would make the island more tempting to do!

I’ve been doing Unknown for months before my soul finally dropped. Worst island in the whole game. Badly designed, annoying, time consuming and the boss itself is dmg immune during half of the fight ( smashes, jumps, slams ) + outrageous island soul drop rate.
I don’t even want to mention 5t1 crystals + 6 gold it drops…
Believe me, I rarely care about other people but in this case I feel SO BAD for those who haven’t collected this soul yet.