Nerf Velganos please

I know it’s been a while since most of the playerbase still playing has even done Velganos, but for newer players catching up to everyone else (getting to 1415) they HAVE to complete Velganos to move on to Deskaluda… WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. This guardian raid can’t be completed in a party when there’s hardly anyone doing it. The only way past it for someone at 1415 even is to just pay someone with way higher item level gold to carry them through it and even then it’s a pain in the rear to complete. It’s literally gatekeeping support players from participating in the next tier of guardian raids, further hindering their progress. This guardian has needed to be nerfed since day 1 and here we are several months, new classes, legion raids later and it still is a massive thorn in any player’s side that progresses this far in the game. It’s a guardian raid yet the mechanics are similar to those of an Abyss or Legion raid for crying out loud. It’s not something that anyone wants to do daily, let alone once at all.

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Just ask any high ilvl friend to come blow it up for you in 2 minutes. Or just solo, there was a video of a 1385 bard doing it in 5 minutes.

You’re going to need to learn the Velganos pizza mech anyways as it’s used in legion raids, so just learn it from the original source.

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That’s literally my entire point… I am 1452 and got a carry a long time ago but my bf just hit 1415 and we can’t seem to do it. I didn’t come here asking for advice on how to do it. I’ve read and watched all the guides and I struggle, so what I can’t solo it, but the simple fact that you can’t matchmake a damn guardian raid reliably is ridiculous and you know it, regardless of what mechs you can “LeArN” by doing it. There is no reason someone should be gatekept out of daily content because of it. The point of this post was to point out how difficult it is for the ilvl people are doing it at, not to look for advice. Think that would be obvious considering this is under feedback.

the thing is every level of 4th boss is meant to be hard and mostly meant to be a skill check. Nerfing it because of support classes is counter intuitive what it is suppose to do. It is suppose to help players learn and practice what comes after guardian raids. It is meant to unleash everything you learn so far from counter, anticipating, dodging, staggering and doing mechs.
The heavy nerf on T1 and T2 guardian raid is the result of people becoming braindead spamming skills and attacks and dont know how the game is meant to work.
Although i sympathize with supports doing velganos, but it can be duo’d with a dps and a support which is way easier solo btw. The only reason why matchmake velganos is hard because people dont know how to share, teamwork and coordinate each other well. If you look at back then when T1 and T2 guardian raid didnt get nerf’d, there are many mechanics that requires staggering and actually doing mechs, but we get people that run away like cowards from those mechs. Even now Challenge mode Guardian raids, people still do the same thing.

I mean look at yoho, people still fall for the yoho phase 1 charge up mech.


Doubt a nerf will come seeing how long it’s been around now and it’s not latest content. Stock up on battle items and grind it out, plenty of people have done it solo or duo without a juicer. Personally did it as a GL to carry a Bard partner both ~1415 and it took a few tries but it’s certainly possible.

How u gonna catch up to more experienced players if you do a nerfed version of one of the most common attack patterns?

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Given that bylaws hard, clown and probably Brel in the future all have a velganos Pizza mechanic I highly advise you to learn this boss. I solod it and it took me a few tries but it’s really not impossible. I was 1400 and you are waaaaay overheated for this so just learn the mechanics they are important.

You are right that Velganos is out of place. The problem with forming a party to beat it is that:

  1. nobody wants to do it since it’s harder than any guardian before or after with no rewards to justify it;

  2. because it is not worth doing there is rarely anyone with any Velganos experience pugging/party finding for it;

  3. since people with actual experience in it hardly ever do it again, green parties get overwhelmed by the mechanics and wipe again and again;

  4. the mechanics actually make it very hard to do it in a group, so you’re better off going solo or in a duo… But the game won’t tell you that. Also, that’s still difficult and not every player/class will manage, especially on level;

  5. his pizza is honestly the hardest pizza I’ve encountered so far (haven’t done inferno difficulty legions so if there’s something there I don’t know). You need to look at the very brief air swirl around him to tell you he’s gonna do it and to which direction, but oftentimes he’s out of sight for one reason or another and you miss it. Additionally, it is both very fast and can one-shot you, so if you’re out of position when he goes for it, you’re dead.

Most people just ask a higher level friend to kill it for them. Or worse, they get a bus. Very few people actually do it themselves, and hardly ever in a pug. So… Yeah, it’s just stupid. It’s out of place in terms of difficulty, there’s no incentive for more experienced players to do it so you can form a mixed party, and for those who say it’s there as a challenge and to make you learn important mechanics… Well, most people just get bussed or ask a friend to kill it, so it fails in that regard, too…


Hes also on the worst guardian map of the game, and leaves two times

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This Boss need realy a Nerf ( the mechanics are ok but he try this mechanics to fast!!! and his attaks to fast to !

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Flame Fox Yoho FTW.

4th boss every tier is supposed to be challenging, velganos isnt significantly more challenging than tytalos / achates was on itemlevel with old gear then so it likely wont get nerfed

changing map and doing something about the light stacks to make it more doable as 4 people would be better

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the only thing wrong with velganos is the map honestly , as far as the pizza mech is very nice to learn for future legion raids AND you really more want to try solo so you can collect all the light buffs yourself

Hiya, sorry we missed your post!

We appreciate your feedback and I will pass it along to the Devs. :slight_smile:

@brysbeddict Thanks for adding to the discussion.

I mean, velganos is something you will have to learn anyway.

Its a mech that is in other legion raids.

For example, vykas gate 1 is literally just velganos pizza :smiley:

vykas hard but still a lot of clowns 1490 pref to do normal g1 then hard :clown_face:

clowns ? I would say its actually Stupid to do hard.

Gate 1 hard is simply not worth it. 500 gold ? Not worth Wiping for hour or longer.

Last time i did pug vykas, i said something like " Guys, please - if we wipe 2-3 times, lets switch to normal. Its not worth 500 gold " and people were flaming me.
Guess what ? That run took 2 hours, while gate 1 took the longest.

Its just bad gold per hour unless u do it with static or a good group

Never once succeeded the real velganos pizza(of course i havent done him much)… never once failed the vykas baby pizza… not even close to the same.


Velganos pizza is tough unless you dont know Exactly how it works.