Nerfing Abyssal Dungeon/Guardian Raids

I am deeply disappointed with the decision of nerfing the abyssal dungeon and guardian raids. Maybe yes guardian raids can be a hassle and ok I understand. But abyssal dungeons? NO. I wish you guys did more research before nerfing it or even played one or two matchmakings because you will see the problem as soon as you do one. I do most of my dungeons/guardian raids with matchmaking and there are a lot of times that we have to restart, not because the raid is hard but the fact that they 1) don’t bring potions 2) bad engravings 3) no potions like whirlwind to help out the dungeon 4) NOT KNOWING THE GIMMICKS OR LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE FOR THE GIMMICKS. THESE ARE THE STUFF THAT NEEDS MORE ATTENTION THAN NERFING THE DIFFICULTY OF THE GAME. These gimmicks are the IDENTITY of the game and the fact that this is being nerfed or gone is NOT okay. This is the reason why I and many players play the game. It’s to figure out the gimmicks/mechanics together OR meet up with people that already know to finish fast. When I play with my friends that KNOWS the gimmicks, have their potions ready, and have good engravings, we usually finish the abyssal REAL FAST even if it is our first time. I know that this nerf is finalized; however, PLEASE DO NOT NERF ANY MORE CONTENTS FROM HERE. I do not post forum stuff or usually complain but this is my favorite game that I waited for YEARS (watching loa Korean content) and seeing how it’s making bad decisions already is just hurting me.

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