Nerfing T1 and T2 content is fine, but please don't touch T3

In my opinion, if people are having trouble with T1 and T2 content, then its fair to nerf it so people don’t get frustrated and quit, a completely reasonable thing to do. But please don’t touch the T3 content, that content is why the game got so popular and why so many people fell in love with it, it is supposed to be challenging, not everyone is supposed to beat it, and that’s completely fine. Even in Korea many people haven’t beaten the Abrel raid yet, and that applies to many other MMOs on the market right now also, not everyone will beat the ultimates in FF, literally like 1% of people beat mythic raids in WoW, and everyone is fine with that, its a good thing games have hard content, so please be wary of this going into the future. I and most other people that wanted to play this game for years want to experience the hard content, not nerfed versions of it, that literally ruins the whole point of them being challenging.


No its not. Dont speak for people. All nerfing t1 and t2 does is guarantee t3 gets nerfed next. The reason you have trouble on t1 is the game doesnt teach you anything from 1-50. But now youll just faceroll through t1 anf t2 and have that same problem at t3. And then a very small vocal minority will complain and Amazon will ruin that content as well. Repeat repeat repeat. We are three weeks into the game and they want to throw away 2/3 of the content. Im just shocked.

I didnt have trouble in T1 or T2, I am myself already in T3. My concern is for the actual content that starts in T3, and like I said, I dont want that to get nerfed. I am not a fan of them nerfing T1 or T2 either, I would prefer if they didnt, but I see why the did, and Amazon wont back out on this, so the only thing we can do is provide feedback that we dont want future content to be nerfed.

Trust me there will be hard enough content for any type of player. I believe in KR some of the hell mode raids have been cleared by less than like 1% of players.