Nerf/Rework Paladin

What is that class? From any MMO it’s a consenses that damage reduction spells are very strung. Which are 2 to 3 spells, which is insane when you only have 8 spells.

Honestly to make them not completely busted all they need to do is reduce their range on their abilities.

No other support requires such little positioning to be an insane support. The class is a joke.

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yea they should totally nerf support classes while everyone is begging for supports to join their group cause like 5 people main support. someone hire this guy amazon would be worth at least double what it is now with him at the helm


Yes, let’s nerf the only 1 of 3 main supports in this game! Great fucking idea…Said no one besides you ever.


Stop crying, the sypports are different for a reason, if you play bard which it sounds like you do switch, bards are strong healers compared to pally but the range of the bubble is differnt

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Do people think before they post nowadays lmao


Yes, call to nerf every other class to the ground at the slightest feeling of inferiority due to you not understanding your own class properly.

“I can’t get mvp, please nerf -insert mvp class-”

“It’s so hard to play -insert your class-, that -insert other class- looks so much easier to play. Please nerf”.

“Wtf, that class doesn’t require positioning, please nerf -insert class-”

Supports self dps is already terrible and you want to nerf their support abilities?


Another poster looking for the issues at the heart of the community then striking at it for attention. Could you guys please stop enabling this by continuing to give them the attention they’re seeking? It would be in the best interest of the community as if you don’t reply, the post gets buried.

I wish I could super vote this :smiley:

Would love to know which class the OP plays, maybe its a bard? Should we nerf the ability for bards to burst heal a party from near death to full hp? If the OP is a dps shame on you, do you know what its like to have your ultimate do less damage (by a huge amount) than most classes normal skills? Supports are powerful but they make everyone powerful and they take a huge amount of gold or time to gear compared to everyone else. Being a “good” aupport isnt easy.

You can asume bard (even thought bard are consider better in KR) and didnt get mvp or a noobish pvp player!.

I cri everytime, as Paladin I use my ultimate only when it’s stagger check call, that’s the only use it has.

I haven;t seen a better post on this whole forum for weeks. You hit the nail.

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KEKW, i only do guardian raids when the rest bonus is full. Nerf sup and count me out already lol.

OP 100% mains bard and just tried paladin alt

Bards are getting a 1 sec increase on dmg buffs to help offset hellmode inconsistencies (KR not sure timeline on NA/EU?) PLD is typically sought for their ability to keep up heavily needed dmg buffs, while still maintaining steady healing.

Bards tend to produce improved healing/shields however with increased movement and healing needs in hell modes they tend to drop dps buffs and there are some hard enrage checks.

I play Bard and PLD as mains. I will say Paladin strengths really shine at a lower skill ceiling, however a BiS bard playing well shouldn’t be underestimated.

I do wish they’d increase range on Wind/Symphonia/Rythym Buckshot (PVP / this is just ridiculous. It’s a very important 2sec interrupt cc but doesn’t mean shit if you’re getting whirlwinded or kick flipped from twice it’s effective distance)

I really hope we get the prelude storm counter change quickly though, that will be huge allowing us to use one of our strongest identity charge abilities to also counter instead of swapping to a counter only ability with little other use.

Edit: This is a scenario where it is certainly best to bring under performers up versus nerfing. In fact nerfing should always be used as a last resort for wildly over performing situations.

Good thing Smilegate knows better and doesn’t even consider asinine feedback like this. Paladin is in a good spot and the upcoming balance patch in KR solidifies that.

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tell me you’re a bard main without telling me you’re a bard main