Neria’s Wardrobe is the most scuffed, bare bones, disappointing skin offering to-date. It represents a substantial disconnect between Community Expectations and either SG/AGS understanding of those expectations, or their willingness to meet them


TL;DR - What was in the preview picture is 100% of what’s available.
Head - 1 lame hat.
Top - 1 unisex tshirt, 1 female dress, 1 male cardigan
Bottom - 1 unisex sporty shorts, 1 unisex jeans
Face - 1 unisex glasses

I think most people were expecting way more.

Those I’ve spoken to so far are likewise surprised and disappointed.

I was mistakenly under the impression that AGS had heard and understood the people in the community who’ve previously spoken at length about the strong desire for more skins/more options.

This offering, at this level, does not represent alignment on the topic between myself as a player, what I perceive as the community’s feelings on the subject, and AGS. It represents a large disconnect.

I’m eagerly awaiting opportunities to drop money on skins.

But I will wait, because I do not want to provide them internal metrics that indicate that players are interested in, or happy about, the current offerings.

If you feel the same, I’d encourage you to ignore Wardrobe and send them your feedback.


Well dang. Hopefully SG will reach out to you in an email to specifically ask what exact skin you want so that you stop complaining on the forums.


There are a couple of useful skins in this set, for example, this set is one of the first that gets women out of high heels. The problem are that these skins are supposed to be supplementary options after we have a full set of skins.

Also listing the pieces rather than linking a couple of low effort memes would have been better presentation. Let the people see the skins you are talking about.

Thanks, that’d be awesome.

Likewise, I hope AGS reaches out to you directly to start development of a feature that ensures you only see the content on the forum you want to see. :slight_smile:


I’m excited, my first money spent (after the $25 pack I got at the start). I have 4 characters being played currently and they are each getting 2-3 things. :hatched_chick:

I went ahead and added the image to the post (but I’m keeping the memes lol)

I assumed, maybe wrongly, that everyone would have seen this by now from the previous news and/or patch notes. But it’s a fair point that it helps illustrate things to include it.

Lol tru

The people that still play won’t leave anyway.
So why would they change anything xD



It’s pretty scuffed but its something XD.

Yeah I was expecting more. This lineup is seriously bad. The dress is okay at least but there’s no matching bottom which is pretty weird.

We are in an expedited season 1… what did you expect… to just dump the skins for the current season from KR…

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I believe, after this week, we will be 5 Neria’s behind KR. Its going to be a while for sure.

This thing is just a stopgap they can use to say “hey, look, we gave you some skins”.

Sure, they are super bad, but never-the-less…skins!


that is one heck of a title you got there :sweat_smile:


Money :slight_smile:

I’m not quitting, and I don’t think anyone will be quitting, just because the initial offerings from Neria’s Wardrobe sucked.

My hope is that people do not engage with these initial offerings and give AGS feedback to let them know they won’t be getting money from them unless they step up their game.

Money/Revenue and the accompanying internal metrics, coupled with what the CMs roll up to them in terms of community feedback on the topic: These are the things they listen to/care about. (Mostly the former, with a pinch of the latter.)

So I’m just hoping that the feedback, and player-spending-in-action (or lack thereof) will communicate loud and clear to them what they need to do next if they want to pursue better profits in this area.

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I was already completely uninterested with the generic mall-mannequin vibe, but I at least expected a “wardrobe” to have more than one type of thing in it.

I’ll rephrase.

They are overpriced cosmetic items, not original because… who wanted fortnite lookin characters in LA, but whatever, but most importantly they are NOT bound to roster, which would be the only thing that makes sense since they cost royal crystals and are the same for every class, and instead they are bound to specific class. I would more call it, Neria’s joke than wardrobe. Big thumb down for me. well done AGS, not.

People getting excited about wearing blue jeans and a snapback in a game where the aesthetic is supposed to be fantasy. Lol.

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Neria’s Wardrobe reminds me of most male college freshmen’s “wardrobe” a shirt and 2 pairs of pants.