NERIA: Where is my Crystal Aura?

Server: Neria
Char name: Piedra
Steam ID: 76561198356719420

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Here are some official news about missing product inventory and Crystalline Aura as well:

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@dagusgus same problem here, screenshot below. 2nd day, 5h in queue and when i can play i cant use full my benefits! I got bronze founders pack from 8 february… btw, im lose 2 crystals…

Please @dagusgus help me on my ticket regarding abyssal entry because of server maintenance…

i have bronz pack 8 febuary. btw. im lost crystal and not using in dungeon pet characteristics. It would be good if a quick solution is provided.

Delay was okay. At least it worked sometimes. I never got my aura activated ingame for 3 days and i play a lot of hours in a day. Btw it says crystalline aura is activated in server selection so i am losing aura days too. How many more days will it take to fix this? I am losing on mari shop deals too. Queues are already slowing down the progression enough.

Lucyken - Neria

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Same for me

Anfypixel - Neria. crystalline aura not working since 3 days.

Says It is applied by log in but it is not activated in game
Trixion - Stott I had like 35-34 day aura

Mr community support… it’s not coming back after delay, I was online since 8 am today until now with no crystaline aura. Tried going back to character select and back ingame - no result. I was online today for 16 hours and it never came back. So please, at least don’t try to make it less of a problem then it is… it’s a huge problem for players since bifrosts from crystaline aura are the main thing I personally need. It literaly makes me waste way more time to travel everywhere I need instead of quickly going back to important locations. So yeah, we paid for it and we don’t have it. I hope you at least will compensate lost days - it’s kinda a minimum of what you should do after such a fail…

where is my aura bro? don’t come again. im online 10 hours. i don’t using Aura and in Abbys Dungeon repair vs…

Exactly what it’s all about, we paid for stuff, spend time on some stuff and “it’ll be solved as you play”, we play and it’s not remotely solved. Second day of no aura that we paid for.

It’s not solved.

oh wait my crystals are also gone how lovely

Hello @Quarantino @Kaliber @inqemarrson @mehmetemresenel @pawcze @Stott @SzaKaaL @Raarmas

This is still an ongoing issues i really apologize for the inconvenience.

This is the top current issue affecting the community and you can see an official statement with the root cause and explanation of this issue here:

We are working on bringing a solution as fast as we can to this issue and the other errors present in the post.

my crystalline aura worked today. albeit it was delayed for 30 mins. i am guessing today’s maintenance fixed the problem. thanks for the heads up though. good luck fixing this altogether :slight_smile:

I saw that post earlier today. Well… You guys, or devs in particular made kinda an obvious mistake. From what I understand seeing problems and the explanation, game checks if a player has anything bought on the external server - which is fine if it can handle it… but you guys don’t store the data on game server - and this might be a mistake. Just as a suggestion, if you would make an event based communication between game servers and the market server and use it for synchronization only - while still storing data on game servers as well, you would have no problems with players loosing stuff when you do any work or have any problems on the market server. This would be a lot better (assuming you can add few tables to game database :slight_smile: ). Then if anybody buys anything in the store, an event is fired saving the data on the game server + you do periodically synchronizations to check if there is no differences in data. If done good and smart it will resolve all issues you have and you will have with the store… Because now if you would need to do maintaince on the market server, players will loose crystaline aura again.

The above assumes the official explanation was true obviously =D
You can send it to the dev team if you want. It should be doable in few days by one person or even faster if you devide the work into game server → market server. Then 2 teams can work independently :slight_smile:
I’m a senior dev myself :stuck_out_tongue: