Neria will not advance

Currently I have zero viable options with Neria. I either get Cannot accept Plague Legion Commander Neria. You have nalready accepted it on a different character, or you do not meet its requirements. Kindness 26/50 or You must complete the previous level of the Rapport Quest to express emotes to this NPC Please complete the Rapport Quest first.

I have no open repport quests.

Help Me.

Simply in your profile menu with your character statistics is second page/tab with skin …there will you find on a left site other statistics like Kind or Wisdom. That means you don’t have enough to do pieces of stuff for NPC like Neria if you over leveled her. You need to go through the game and do quests to get Kindness. For almost every quest or sidequest is 1 kindness statistic point reward. Once you will have that 50 you need you can do all stuff one by one how they are unlocked.