Neria's Dressing Room Chit-Chat

Can someone please explain why we won’t get any Neria’s Dressing Room Update?
I want those skins soo badly man ffs.


And there are many more!!
@Roxx update when?

IIRC it became permanent later on in Russia (and Korea also I think?), maybe they’ll do the same here. Since have some permanent outfits that aren’t casual, having a permanent casual outfit/wardrobe can’t hurt.

They can add whatever new fashion they have to it, but always keep/have the ones that we recently got on/for sale. That’s my suggestion at least for when it comes around again, because all I have to do is look at my Striker and see the struggle it is facing trying to get those skins (unused).

Lastly there would be less backlash for both AGS/SG with monetization, because players have always been ok with paying for skins. They could lower pheon prices and crystals and release more skins to offset the loss.

I would love to see more Neria Dressing Room stuff for sure!