Neria's Dressing... why did you keep the skins in store for one extra week. Is this a joke?

Are you kidding me? I can understand you delay the update like usual, but come on, why keeping the dressing skins for 1 more week. And not mention ANYTHING about it. This early morning so litterally 4-5 hours before the update, I managed to login to purchase some skins i was missing because i knew they would have been gone for a while and in the skin description was written in capital letters LAST DAY AVAILABLE. I was willing to spend more golds for them and i paid them a lot of golds, and even topped up some crystals to buy 2 that were not even available in the market, and now they are in the store for one more week? Come on what a scam, you are really the worst at AGS. what a fucking joke.


you ll probably will be able to sell them twice the price next week tho , that what i did at last with the basic short/t-shirt

some people just like to moan about everything


it’s not like you hate moaning! :sob:

Neria’s = SIMS Online, much people love it…

So what did you lost exactly? What are you mad about? Are you mad that other people will be able to get them for extra week or what?

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when i read LAST DAY AVAILABLE i am expecting that it is the last day available. Is that really hard to understand?


its called changes, similar to the daily login event got extended as well for another week, just sell the neria stuff you have after next week

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no, this is a joke, i invested now knowing the skins would have been gone today, not next week. It’s a big fucking deal.

and i dind’t buy them to profit. I actually only bought one skin to resell because it was cheaper. I just collected the ones i was missing and as i said i spent really lots of gold on some knowing they would have been gone today. This is some bullshit tbh. At least they could have said something

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excuse me?

Its not. They seriously think they are being hurt by them allowing the skins to be sold for a week longer. As though this is high sensitive trading that requires careful planning and arbitrage to maximize their returns. As thought AGS/SG should care at all about their investing strategies to maximize gold.

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bro yes I do. I fucking love it since the stupid game is P2W RMT2W bullshit. At least i enjoy customizing my roster. And this is a scam. I don’t know about you. Personally I do not enjoy when someone (this trash company) litterally pisses on my head. The least i can do is tell them what the fuck are you doing?

I am mad because I could have saved thousands and thousands of gold by buying them in the next days knowing they would have been still around. Hello?

Its a simple choice. Play a different game if you hate the company so much. If you feel like this is such an abusive relationship then get out. Stop victimizing yourself over something you have complete control over. I would be extremely surprised if anything in your life requires you to play this game. Not to mention if you think it is toxic for them to extend selling a skin to their player base, you have a problem.

Only if people are dumb enough, because they always gonna come back with the next Neria Dressing Room.

not really , it’s just the inflation going up with bots/rmt/cheaters etc

Listen, if I complained in the past is because i really love the game. Sadly for the systems born with the game of course there is nothing to do i’m not that dumb. So I can still enjoy the game at my pace, doing what I love, pvp and customization. I don’t really understand how you don’t see that AGS really in a few months only managed to make several bad choices, so why on earth would they need someone to defend them, but this is not the point now. Now this problem doesn’t have anything to do with systems in game etc. it only has to do with a fucking awful comunication and money grabbing technique that it’s just wrong. It’s called predatory monetization for a reason. I see the skin is available for the last day, i buy it if i like it, ok? I dont care what you think of me. It’s just fucking unfair of them to treat their customers like this.

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