Network fluctuations Did not get a return ticket

Legion Raid
Give me back the woman’s ticket

NORTH AMERICA WEST Valtan Player : Qinghu

Due to network fluctuations, the battle was over when I reconnected the game
No reward No return ticket Why?

Network fluctuations will close the game, why is it such an unreasonable setting? modify it

My other role, network fluctuation, lost double dungeons because of the damn timer

The army raid needs to wait a week

Double dungeon needs to wait a day

Network fluctuations, I lost my reward, is this really reasonable?


NORTH AMERICA WEST Valtan Player : Qinghu

I need a return ticket

It’s a great game, but no return ticket, I’ve seen several unlucky people like me on social platforms, no return ticket, can’t re-enter the raid :broken_heart: :broken_heart: