Never got my Celebration gift

Hello, I’ve been waiting for the solution of this problem since the game came out, I have been playing since lauch and supported the game with in game purchases, logged in everyday, and still I have not recieved the Celebration gift with the horse mount and the Instrument skin. I am a collectionist and all my friends have the mount, I did not recieved because the game crashed when I tried to open the box, you can check my account and see I dont have the mount. This happened at a time the server was always crashing and a lot of people got the same problem and they got the box send to them again. I tried contacting you guys for months now and noone was able to help me. You told me I recieved the box but it is not true. Please send me the box gift again so I can get that unavailable mount please.
Thanks in advance

IGN: Kratoç
EUC Brelshaza

Hello @pmtc42,

I’m very sorry to hear that this situation happen to you.

I know you want a solution as fast as possible but the fastest way to resolve a situation like this is through opening a ticket to investigate the situation and I believe trying again its worth it.

So, please reach out to our live customer service, they will be more than happy to open a ticket to investigate your case, please don’t forget to add the following information:

  • Player Name
  • Region Name
  • Approximate time of disappearance
  • Lost Item Name / Quantity / Details

As soon as you have an update let us know!.

Have a nice day! :leaves: