Never received second power pass

Hello there,

I’ve never received my second power pass and went through all the steps I could to figure out in the game on my second character.

My characters name are:

and I’m also on the Regular server - North America East server

Is there any way I can get help with this?

You mean the Powerpass after North Vern?
Than to get the second you need to create the first class boost him with the pass and in the mail from this Hero is than the second.

Hello @DataDave,

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t received the second powerpass.

Just as @Pinkyy mentioned, in order to get the second powerpass you just need to use the first one on one of your alts and then you’ll received the second one on the mail. Can you confirm that you’ve done this already?

Looking forward to your response! :mage:

Hey there, I’ve done those thing. Datadava is my second character and is level 50 and 302 gear with the items given. I walked through the Adventure quests (I’ve went through some of the forum already) but there’s nothing in my mail. The first powerpass is used on this gunslinger character.

I’ve also tried the route of verifying files via local files in steam to help, but no avail.

My original character is already past the quest in North Vern as well.

Hey @DataDave,

Thank you for replying.

In that case if you meet all the requirements for the second powerpass and you still didn’t get it after using the first one, I recommend you to contact live support so they can further investigate the cause of this issue and if needed escalate this to our devs to give you the powerpass.

Hope this helps! :sunflower:

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