Never release a new class with "new raid content"

I think whoever made this roadmap isnt even playing the game anymore or never played it. Atleast it feels like it.

There are a few reasons why you never should release a new class as the same time with “new raid content”!

  1. Relic gear issue - It takes 4 weeks of Valtan+Vykas to get 6/6 Relic and 5 weeks to get the horns for lv2 set, assuming you buy every box. So you cant even reach 1540 for Brelshaza Hard even if you full swipe you cant hone beyond 20 with legendary pieces.

  2. fresh level 50 charakter - youre basicly useless in raids you dont have all skill points your skills are lvl 10 not 12 and so on…

  3. Do you really want to gatekeep people who wanna main this “support class” minimum 4-5 weeks until they can raid the main content (brel hard).

if someone has more issues which i dont even think about now please just post it here . I will extend the list i guess. maybe a CM can read this? and MAYBE they are reconsidering the release month of Artist or other classes which hopefully will come in 2023…

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Not sure why new raid content is in quotes. It is new for the NA/EU/SA region. If you actually thought we would get content as soon as KR did then you are dreaming. That doesn’t happen with Korean mmos. The closest we will ever get is six to three months behind.

every points that you describe can be solved if you stop gatekeep.
ignore all gear set, accept 4x3 engraving. GG


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