Never saw a mmo with a community as toxic as that

you should play however you enjoy

in the future when i play other mmos i am going to start a “no guide” guild, where everyone can play however they want without considering the meta as long as they put in an honest attempt to perform

following a guide to beat a game asap is the same as buying a movie ticket but asking people for detailed spoilers as they walked out of the previous showing, thats what i realized recently

guides make game design challenging as well, since any part of the puzzle that can be beaten with knowledge, will immediately become outdated once you figure it out, and if you look up a guide for an encounter you beat that part of the game before you even played it.

brother I don’t think it is the community really. it’s just how people are these days. to much saying whatever you like on your computers to people and not having to worry about them doing anything. social media has destroyed are value system and t\parents dont seem to want to raise there kids anymore either. it all makes for low quility individuals and you get people like on here doing what they do.

yeah lobby full of: know mechs first day in the Valtan release :rofl:

We needs DPS Meter to make IT Moar toxeek

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Thats the job of a DD.

I miss beeing a fountain/cake dispenser in wow classic :frowning: invoking food for all before a raid :smiley:
all these little things, little intteraction that was both needed and apprecied ^^ (btw seen this thread still top of the forum 3day after kinda make me smile, alot)

I mean play however you want and get any stat u like lol but don’t cry if you get rejected from every group with those garbage stats