New account can't hone due to trading restrictions?

My friend started playing and bought a powerpass, now they can’t hone because the only way to obtain fusion mats is to buy them from the auction, which isn’t possible for 3 days. Is there any way around it other than buying (ridiculously overpriced) packs in cash shop?

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i dont think so
its to prevent money laundry from stolen credit card

Can I mail mats to them directly though? Or does it block inbound mail as well?

sry i have no idea man, u can try

You can blame AGS and SG for making this game fucking impossible for new players. They’re incompetency is to the extreme

If your account is trusted you should be able to initiate trades and give mats. They just can’t give any mats back. Ingame mail should work too

You know you can craft fusion materials right??

If it is a new account all player trading is blocked entirely now. Only older untrusted accounts are able to accept trades/mail from other players.

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even older untrusted accounts can’t receive trades from other players either, never been able to, but u still can receive mail and use AH.

I played since feb 2022 and, i have trusted steam since march/april, with 2FA and bought games, still not trusted, i created forum posts, contacted support several times, and all they say is “there’s nothing wrong with ur account,you have to wait…” but nothing for months.

stopped in august and didnt want to pay a dime in the game cause of the issue,came back last few days, still not trusted.

it’s an on going issue with a thread full of cases like that with no single response from amazon or mods since maybe june, since the solutions they gave worked for some, but not for the others.

Technically you should be able to receive trade requests and access the market. New accounts created after the wreck the halls update are restricted from any player trading. Including the market. There is no documentation anywhere stating that untrusted accounts created prior to that update are restricted from receiving trade requests. If you are unable to receive trade requests there is another issue at play or the people initiating the trades are also restricted.

Previously, untrusted accounts were prevented from accessing economic and social features such as initiating player-to-player trades and sending player mail. With the prevention updates, untrusted accounts will now be restricted from the Auction House, Market, and all player-to-player trading.

The path to earn trusted status won’t change, and these updates will only affect newly created accounts after the update. Existing Lost Ark players will not be impacted. New adventurers arriving in Arkesia can earn their trusted status in multiple ways, and can choose the path that’s right for them. The first option is for new players to enable the Steam Guard mobile authenticator, and have a Steam profile that’s no longer a ‘Limited User’ account. This is an easy path that won’t require making any Lost Ark purchases. Alternatively, new players can also receive trusted status by making any purchase in Lost Ark through either Steam or Amazon.

Note that Amazon has an extremely limited capacity to provide player support for this game. The vast majority of issues have to be handled by the dev team at SGR. AGS does not have any developer level access to the game nor do they have a dedicated team working on fixing issues that pop up. If there is a problem SGR has to fix it.

I am aware of the issues surrounding this system. It has never worked correctly - as is the case with the vast majority of the security measures implemented by SGR. There is a clear issue between Steam and the Lost Ark servers. For whatever reason it works fine for some while for others the system just never updates. Technically SGR could probably resolve this by working with Steam to find a resolution. But this would take manpower away from other areas of development which I guess they are unwilling or unable to do.

This could also be resolved by AGS actually hiring a small dev team to work on these issues themselves rather than relying on SGR to fix everything themselves. But they also seem to be unwilling or unable to make that level of investment in this game.

For anyone looking to invest time or money into this game, that should be a massive red flag to steer clear of this title.

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like i said, from day 1 of implementing the trusted system, it was impossible to initiate nor receive trade request despite them stating the opposite.
this issue have been there for 11 months now.
at first they told the players they need trusted on steam, then told us to wait 7days, then a month, after 2/3 months, they told us to use the 2FA, then told players to actually buy something ingame for 10€ which didn’t work for everyone.
the game is legit p2p instead of f2p, that new players can’t even use auction house now untill they pay, and it’s not instant, nor even guaranteed.
edit: i can’t even count how many times i couldn’t send accessories to my alts or my friends, or send them the gold or mats they needed.

I started playing with my gf back in March last year and my acc was trusted while hers wasn’t. I could send her stuff, gold and mats etc. but she couldn’t send anything back.

This has been the case until like a few weeks ago when she installed Steam 2FA on her new phone and now she’s trusted as well and can trade.

I suppose you’ve deactivated and reinstalled steam mobile with 2FA already?

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yep did activated the 2FA months ago, and updated it again just in case later, a’d did nothing for me.
i hope OP’s friend won’t have any issues, but it’s wad that he has to pay to olay, then wait 3 days or more to continue