New antibotting system

So Smile Gate / AGS / whoever is telling us:
“We are continuing to listen to player concerns and take a hard stance against bots.” (Lost Ark Weekly Update - 3/24 @ 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 8 AM CET)

So, just now:

Region: EU West
Server: Moonkeep



That bots can’t trade ATM (only on verified Steam accounts).

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The price of gold from the bots has gone up tremendously, so I think the anti-botting is going well. Still needs more work, but they are moving in the right direction.


It has caused alot of gold sellers prices to quadruple. They definitely took a big hit. Obviously this was never intended to completely remove bots from the game. Only slow them down while they consider additional restrictions.

in fact I was checking out a botter community to see what their reaction was to this update and the consensus right now seems to be that gold is actually too expensive to even consider buying it now. Very possible this update will kill off large chunks of that market entirely.


RN reporting them makes sense coz every one banned bot = less money gold sellers. Its even better if t2+ bots gets banned coz its not that fast even for them, to proegress there.

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You need to read the patch notes what they are actually doing to bots. They make it so they can’t trade, they can’t mail gold. In other words they gate keep their system not being able to sell their gold. Sure if gold buyers bought gold from initiating trade, they prob got ways to log those trade and ban both acc.
The objective of this bot gate keeping is to make gold selling non profitable and make sure it is harder for them.

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It’s just slowing them down, once they adapt things will go back to normal. They are already gaining steam 1 day after the new measures. The chat is already starting to get hammered again with gold sellers and going into Vern with my characters I get autospammed with whispers from goldbots. This afternoon when I got on I saw a bot train tradeskilling in Punika.

I hope they can keep up with them, but this is Amazon we’re talking about.

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Well if you have any suggestions how to stop gold sellers , go ahead and give AGS your feedback how to solve this problem :slight_smile:

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Well don’t tell me. Go tell AGS to do that. I bet you must be one of the smarter people who can be put in charge to do such work.
Why not just apply for AGS ?


well we still dont know the full extent the damage against bots yet. right now they are still running their old bot tools until their new bot tools come out to dodge this bot gate keep or if this is still profitable or not we wont know until a few more days. all we know is that their gold price is driven up, hopefully it keeps going up to the point where gold buyers find buying gold from amazon is cheaper

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This is music for my ears, thank you.

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I’m all for killing bots and keeping them to a minimum, but they couldn’t do it in New World so I’m not convinced they can do it here but I’d love for them to put enough resources or care enough to actually do it. They certainly are milking the whales enough to have the cash to do so.

Yeah that is why they put Bot-prevention action into high priority. After all developing takes time. I am not sure how big Smilegate NA dev team is, but they have over 1200 employees overall(includes korea) and i am pretty sure the employees are split up into different teams for each region. Therefore I can say their team is way smaller than blizzard. That is why people need to give Smilegate time.

Do what Korea has done, Ban Chinese IP Address’s from entering in the US Servers.


Korea requires a Korean based phone number along with other personal information making it much harder for bots to even open an account.

Yea they do, but they can get Korean SSNs easily from bad credit people and black-market its not hard. But Korea did block IPs from China. Steam could also restrict access to our servers.

Lol. Lost Ark community doesn’t like being reminded that the dev/publishers didn’t even think that a free to play game was going to have bots and had 0 precautions in place.

I play on NA East (Elzowin) and other than gold spammers I have not seen bot trains yet. I did some adv tome farmin in low levels areas a few days ago and didnt have any issues. Im not saying bots are not an issue as there are many videos of them out there, just seems some servers are much worse than others.


These threads are stupid. It’s clearly being dealt with.
It’s not a perfect system by all means but they are at least doing something and goin in the right direction.
It’s success is directly reflected by how the economy is becoming.

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