New ark pass please

can we have another ark pass i need more mats !! 3 months for 1 ark pass sucks so much i got to max level within a week and burned through the mats in less than an hour trying to hone. it seems to be the main source for mats now because the events suck with their weekly reset bs & 3 months is waaay to long for 1 pass



Agree we need new pass sooner. Should be monthly.

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can we have more skins instead? thx.

new ark pass = new skin. so more ark passes means more skins :wink:

true but it’s untradeable which sucks! but i agree ark pass helps if you’re not unlucky that is.

Yes, make it monthly. It was too easy to the point i accidentally competed it in a week. No way was this designed to last 3 months.

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1 month ark pass > weekly limit of 1000 or 2000 so people can manage without paying but harder challenges

win/win for everyone

the OP is literally asking for the game to be more p2w than it already is. no thanks

You said you burned through your mats in an hour. All another pass would do is have you burn through your mats in 2 hours and probably have you asking for yet another one to keep the cycle going. Seems like you should be thinking to yourself “gee, maybe I should slow down my honing attempts to not be so disappointed in how fast my mats are used” rather than constantly looking for your next fix like a junkie does with drugs. I don’t understand why some are constantly trying to rush it with this game, as though there is some end to it. Seems all that will end up doing is make them feel burnt out or disappointed.

The above said, it does seem like they should extend the levels of the pass given the length it lasts. I was playing quite casual within the first 2 weeks and change after it dropped and got to I think level 14. Haven’t actually done anything the last week and a bit other than some rapport and some of this new chicken event the last 3 days (talking less than 10mins a day here) so the pass isn’t going up but it’s clear I could start to be casual again and max it out before the pass ends. Feels like it’s about a 5, maaaaybe 6 week pass for even a casual. No doubt that the majority of players are playing more than I was/am so they’ll be maxing it out super early, if they haven’t already.

I realize new players that start up closer to the end would have a tougher time trying to max out a pass with more levels but too bad for them, and they can just wait for the next pass to max out.

im asking for another power pass, people whale already what difference does it make if anyone spend money, if you want to be f2p then by all means no one is forcing you to pay for a ark pass lol.

lol i’ve never been disappointed with my honing attempts, and i didn’t say i burned through the mats on 1 character, i play excepting to fail on honing until i hit 100% pitty. but the lack of mats is ridiculous. i’ve never spent a single penny on mats besides for the ark pass.

but after you’ve done 2 chaos dungeons, 2 guardian raids, argos, abyss dungeon, & bought out the event vendor there is nothing left to do… so more mats = increased levelling to unlock more things for the following week until you’ve caught up with the current content.

that’s the only good thing about the ark pass is that it allows you to get closer to the current content. but 3 months down the line will feel like we’re back at square 1 and have to start the process all over again because there is not enough mats to keep players going in the game they nerfed the shit out of chaos dungeons and guardian raids so they are no longer a good source for mats

argos is 1s a week which is trash for mats. so there is no other way to get mats besides events, pvp vendor, guild vendor & merchant ships which gets cleaned out every Thursday soo the mats you get from those sources are all the mats you have for the week which is 1 -2 honing attempts. without the ark pass i wouldn’t even be over 1370 by now.

the ark pass gives more activities for players to complete, more mats, regardless if you buy it or not & more skins

you dont need an ark pass to buy mats, you just want a better deal i get it.

your a wannabe whale :smiley:

lol i aint no whale, i just want more shit to do so i can hone and level up as the game is intended… if i wanted to whale i could. everyone deserves more mats & gold :wink:

In my opinion it should be cut to 90 days, I am a heavy casual and even I already got level 30 and I never even tried

how did u guys completed it so fast i just finished it like yesterday

the premium pass gives you 15 levels

oh, i didnt buy any

I finished mine in like 2 weeks, and I didn’t even try to. I simply did daily tasks and never went out of my way to get pass exp. 3 months deffinitely way too long imo the pass should be 1 month with a little exp buff since not everyone logs daily