New ark pass this patch? Yes or no?

Are we getting a new ark pass with the new patch?


No news about that yet but I’d like to know as well

The next iteration of the Ark Pass is not a part of the July Update


But Express Event comes with the 20.07 patch?

Bruh why :frowning: we want to pay you, we want to have some nice skins. Please consider an Ark Pass for August please?

Essentially, an Ark Pass is released one month after the previous pass has ended. At least, that is how it works in other regions. Earliest we might see one is August.


why? aren’t the plan to have us catch up at some point???

Battle Passes only released last summer for Korea so uhhh

if they are released in the same pase as kr, we’re not catching up… so uhhh

KR only got like 4 Ark Passes as they are seasonal to my understanding.
First one at Summer, Second one at Winter, Third with Elgacia at Spring, 4th one this july-Summer.
We got 1 for Spring, we should get one next month hopefully for summer.

Even tho they said this you have to get this idea out of your head. With the current schedule, in terms of releasing skins, (assuming 2 skins per months) it would take about 4 years before we catch up. BUT this does not include the fact that KR in the 5 months of our release already got more skins than we did lmao.