New attractive skins please?

Hey so I understand that we all have different preferences. I’m so disappointment to see the upcoming skin… It’s summer in NA and where’s the bikini skin? Is it REALLY that difficult? Or some fashion wardrobe please?

And the additional skin illustrated below the mokoko skin is so similar to the banquet ones. Why not picking a different style? Diversity please!


lingerie waiting room


They already know what we want, they just won’t budge because selling the popular skins early on is considered a load blown, thus decreasing play-time longevity

(edit: or better yet, the frequency at which money from us is being sent in their direction)

consider how they’ve heard the complaints about Yoz’s Jar, honing buff, etc.

we’re being surveyed constantly.

hold on a little longer my friend, booba will be on it’s way soon enough. :skull:


Yes, they won’t budge, they’re stubborn. They also want to sell the less popular ones after making us starve, then give the booba because they don’t need marketing, they’re guaranteed money, but if they give both, no one will touch the ones we have :3

I am literally playing the game just for the lingerie and bikini skins, will get them for all my girls tee hee

Also, OP i checked your other thread, and I wish I didn’t xD


Jokes on them honestly. They have no idea how patient I am MWHAHAHAHAAH…but also I feel your pain op.


They know that if they release these old skins after giving us the good skins no one would buy them. We have to be patient and wait through all these bad tase old skins, they don’t want to waste a single unit even if they are ugly and outdated.

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Yup and it is so damn obvious they won’t sell any of the current popular skins that the other regions have. Milk the player base as much as possible until they lose players, get them to return via more popular skins and content.

I have not spent a dollar on this game after the founders pack and I will keep it that way. This game deserves nothing from me until they start pushing out content without milking players.

Jokes on them, people can’t buy the booba if they’ve already quit by the time they release it. Rather than having released it when there were 1.3 million real players at the start.


You not getting booba lol this game is censored. Woke progressive wierdo’s running the show. Should save yourself the stress. They lied about the white drops they lied about alot of things, if you think you getting any sexy outfit kekw. Yet on twitch theirs chicks licking microphones and jumping around in bikinis kekekekekek :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:


We were supposed to get 50+ skins (number quoted from random forumer) from Yoz Jar, but crybabies got those deleted and removed from our version. Those were some of Lost Ark’s best skins, so :person_shrugging:

And no news of any swimsuit for our Summer event either, so don’t get your hopes up.


we just lose tons of skins thanks to some whining kids so yeah enjoy the rest of the garbage skins like umar first


They were preparing the skins in yoz jar but apparently plans changed at the last minute

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Not selling a couple of booba or good skins at launch when the game had over a million players was a huge mistake.


Forget the booba, embrace mokoko

More skins

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I guess I’ll just not spend money. Since there’s nothing to buy lol.

I want skins that fit the game’s setting and visuals. That means no furry suits, bikinis, sneakers and other such out-of-place nonsense.

It would also be very good if you could get more skins through doing content (and I don’t mean Valtan hell mode). Right now there are only two skin sets you can get in-game and that’s very sad.

They will come this july i’m 99% sure

also i failed on 99% honing last night


happened to me once, i know the pain
I wish that all your future hones are 1 taps with no rank up mats <3

You have your eyes closed in punika?