New auto dismantle setting

I’m thankful for the new auto dismantle settings, but I feel like they didn’t think far enough.
It’s currently not possible to auto dismantle armor while keeping accessoires at the same item rank. If u set item rank to epic and tick acc and armor, everything will be dismantled, no matter if you ticked endurance, domi and expertise only. If you don’t tick acc, they won’t be dismantled, no matter if you ticked endurance, domi or expertise. How can it be solved? Using exclude gear with engravings in favourites, but then it will also exclude ur expertise, dom, endurance acc with favourite engravings.

There is so many better ways to do it.
For example one way i’ts easily fixable if you could filter by exclude stats instead of dismantling stats and also combine the stats and engravings exclusion.


Exactly my thought. I came here looking for what I was doing wrong, because it would not work as i expcted it to.
It is a nice start, that we have more options, but in this state they are quite useless. Especially combined with the fact, that you will dismantle everything in pet-inventory, if you use those group buttons in the dismantle…

This needs a bit of revamp in my opinion,

Currently the system are like this if im not mistaken

  • Auto dismantling separated by 3 level, 1st top for normal auto dismantle, 2nd middle emphasize on specific stats, 3rd bottom emphasize on gear tripod & engravings.
  • The system prioritize 3rd bottom first, 2nd middle, and 1st top as last

Let’s use this pic of my setting as an example

Ex :

  1. Uisng the pic sample, let’s say I got Legendary Earring - expertise stats - Awakening, crushing fist → In this case, even if I set my stats priority were swiftness and spec, this acc will not get dismantled coz I put Awakening in my favorite engraving

  2. If I turned off the Exclude Gear with Engravings option and got Legendary Earring - Swiftness - Crushing Fist, Ether Predator → This acc will not be dismantled coz I put swiftness as my priority, even though I don’t need this acc cause the engravings were bad

How it supposed to work and probably gonna help players :

  • Using the pic above as a sample, We want 2nd and 3rd function to be able to work together, so what I got will be Spec and Swiftness Necklace/Spec or swift earrings/spec or swift rings with my favorite engravings (Heavy armor, awakening, expert, etc) and;
  • Dismantle spec/swift acc without engravings that I wanted OR dismantle acc with engravings that I wanted BUT without the stats that I wanted like OP said

This will help tremendously coz from the current new auto dismantle, with picture above as an example again, will still have to look at the new acc and dismantle it manually coz its still not really filter what I want

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Is the feature bugged? Because I have no engravings selected as favorite and unwanted stats checked and still get unwanted stats.


Havent experienced that,

Have u tried to not checklist the Exclude Favorite Engraving option?

Yeah, that is what I meant. I have that setting unchecked and am currently only trying to target stats. Still end up with Endurance and Domination accessories :confused:

If the other option are already set correctly (item rank/tier/acc etc), I guess that is bugged.

It works fine on me with stats only though, or maybe I just haven’t get the bugged one

Its not rly “bugged” its just every acc u dont drop but get through rewards is not considered. That theyd have to add that too to the filter.

Wait… is this actually how this works? Can confirm?

Yes that is how it works. Items from quests aren’t subject to auto dismantle.

Set it to epic tier 3, do not consider quality, exclude stats you don’t want, and exclude skill tree. Ability stone your call.

This dismantle all purples. Keeps all legendary and relic with good stats. Just add everything to dismantle and click want you want to keep

yeah, it’s very far from desired. I had little hopes it would take away the daily trash handling on every char but it doesn’t slightest. It cannot be set to do the necessary. Still need manually to do everything. Sadly.

It’s so easy to do a proper filtering rules. Every mod in every game does that well.

I had great expectation when I saw the new auto dismantle honestly…
But seeing it in action turns out it’s a zonk :’)

Hoping any CM to just come and see here and prolly putting this suggestion on to the next QoL update

…It’s a big hope honestly lol

Will skins, books and stuff be auto dismantled as well or it’s just and only gear?

only gear, and only the stuff u set a mark on

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Apparently auto dismantle only works with dropped loot (like during a chaos dungeon and things you pick from the ground). But it doesn’t work with loot you receive as a reward directly to your inventory at the end of an activity even if you have it set up to be dismantled.

just cleared 2 1370 chaos and ended with one ring worth maybe 500+ gold and 4 gems. nothing else. before this i was sifting through 3 inventories a day, without this i would probably just delete everything but relics by now. sifting dungeon loot still takes some time but it doesnt seem so bad anymore.