New Bug: Items getting stuck on cursor

2 separate characters, 2 times. After guardian raid and the new raid I went to move something and the icon and item were stuck on my cursor. I wasn’t able to open them or put them down and had to restart.


I have this exact same bug.
Occurred after doing an Abyssal Dungeon. I was able to drop the item by clicking “sort” in my backpack, but after picking up a different item it did the same thing. Had to back out to the character screen and log back in to resolve.

Same, can’t right click on items in inventory and can’t resurrect because death window sticks to cursor.

Same bug here, happened mid argos… Can’t open chests, cant switch any battle items. I am fully griefing my party because of this bug…

same problem

This happened to me today as well on a controller. Had to go to the char screen to make it go away

moving areas fixes it, faster than backing out to char select. like moving from nia village to starstrand or whatever

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Just teleport somewhere else

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Same here! I had to restart when I had chest was moving with my mouse. lol

It happens consistently for me if i try to click any item right after getting out of a raid or switching screens

Same. Happened to me after a Boss Rush.

I’ve noticed mouse issues since the patch, but im not sure if it is related or if my mouse is having a problem

Same issue multiple characters, can’t do anything unless I change to a new one

Yep same bug here, had to alt-f4 because I couldn’t even click the close game button

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I’ve experienced this bug at least seven times today. Each time in a different way. With items in my bag by simply left clicking on them. along with skills from the Combat Skill tab. Had to log out and back in each time to fix the issue.

Also happened to a friend, its probs gonna be fixed next version if asg forwards this to Smilegate

Yup, same issue here. Pet inventory window also got stuck to my cursor lol.

the hotfix seems to have made it worse.

I had this last night, going to a new zone seems to fix it (went stronghold).


Same problem.

Cannot drop item from cursor until I log off/on.

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