New Class Changes

are we getting all new class changes this wednesday update ? or we still have to wait for it ?

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We will (hopefully) get the scouter class.
Others as reaper, artist and aeromancer will not release.

hopefully? Casein Nitrate

its confirmed, maybe we get it in 2 days maybe not? who knows, we never know lol no marketing yet

my guess would be balance patch and tripod change in october then summoner in november they been doing big content one month then QoL the next month

this is not what OP asked xD

Yes I saw everything of that. But lacking the marketing and from past experiences I am worried that they wont release scouter xD

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Well actually we got the old balance patch really fast with Valtan release due to Destroyer “rework”.
My best guess is actually that we will get these new changes on 28th for one reason:
Implementing changes that are actually game changing like the one made to Gravity training Destroyer and Blaster are too important and should be released asap, considering that we are getting a new legion aswell.
About tripods i’m not really sure ngl, we are using a frankenstein version of the game so it can take more time to be implemented, Balance patch instead is just a bunch of numbers and skill reworks

they will be losing money until they release tripods because noone is stupid to invest a cent on a dead system

Actually not really.
If it is not released now, you can abuse the library on scouter, which isn’t a bad thing for people that wants to play him.
Releasing it now instead will help everyone that know how it will work once it gets out + getting lv.4 tripods on the classes that aren’t released yet will be a big pain

You can’t release class balance patches that completely destroys builds on the same day as a major raid. Without announcing them in advance to boot.

They’re not coming now

That’s what happened with Valtan, if you were smart enough you already bought the new acss and tripods like every person that i know that is playing blaster and GT Destroyer rn + everyone knows how bad these guys are at communicating important things.

What build exactly was completely disfunctional with valtan ?

You won’t have an answer till tomorrow but it’s probably coming with this patch.

WD Players had to change a lot of things and surge nerf forced a lot of “handless” players to change their build

Imagine tmwr come the patchnotes and they say theres no mechanist neither kakul LMFAO

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That’s not a complete rework for a class that leaves you in need of a full rebuild.

Both could still complete Valtan without changing much on them.

And it’s absolutely no reason to say they’re “probably” coming

I would not even be suprised following the lack of communication.


We sadly don’t know yet. I hope we get the important information within today or early tomorrow


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