New Class Engravings?

Hi guys!

Can potential new class engravings be discussed, especially for some classes that only offer 2 extremes at the moment?

I am asking because I’m interested in building a Shadowhunter/Demonic in particular. However, I find the demonic impulse class engraving relatively boring (you transform every few seconds in fight, & you just have 6 skills that you cannot customize with tripods). Similarly, the perfect suppression build also seems relatively boring (you don’t really have an « identity » anymore, & some of your tripods selected are just so that you consume some of your identity meter in order to deal more damage…).

I would thus appreciate the subject to be discussed. I believe less extreme engravings for some classes would be really interesting (in my case, I won’t be playing Shadowhunter just because I find the 2 current class engravings boring & selecting a class engraving for late game content is relatively mandatory…).

Thanks in advance!

I think the point of them is that they are extreme, they are supposed to switch it up a bit.

Korean devs are making a big balance pass with all classes sometime this year.

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Cool, thanks for the info!