New class idea for male martial art!

I think male martial art is a bit lonely in the class(es) department. So, i got an idea.

What about Capoeira type of class? dancing class just like Capoeira, break dance, but more flashy and skill-wise mostly in hold type skill, since break dance usually is one action in repeat with powerful finish.
Ex: flare in break dance can be a hold skill with tripod to add perfect zone to do a powerful finish atack.

It just pop in my head like out of nowhere, so cant think of more skill suggestion. but let’s see if anyone can help add in,

Thanks for reading!!!

EDIT 1: what if we turn his 2 classes into dance focus class and the other one martial art focus?
which make his skills split into 2 type like red and blue Gunlancer.
Dance class (B-boy) identity send him into vibing mode which increase dmg/attack spd of dance skills and guarantee perfect zone for holding skills. (dance/have fun type of class, so burst dmg when in vibe mode, just like dancers in their competition mode)
Meanwhile, martial art class (Capoeira) remove the identity and increase over all martial skills’ dmg and cd, reduce dmg taken (more serious vibe than dance class, you know, higher discipline needed to learn martial imo)


Very interesting. This sounds like the Eddy from Tekken xD

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I like the idea and that would be the wardancer counterpart I guess ehe

What we need is a class who does whatever the heck it is Steven Seagal thinks he is doing

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Patriotic Kung Fu Master Sniper of Doom?

Sound a bit like Wei Yan in warriors orochi.

He turn and dance on the ground when attacking

I mean… Steven Seagal is pretty much dancing too when he “fights” Steven Seagal - The 33 all Japan Aikido Demonstration 合気道 - YouTube :person_shrugging: like a retiree doing a waltz with an occasional flip of the wrist to make 4 people all fly backwards at once