New class ideas support

So we have alot of dps classes and few support. So a need more support classes.

Now i know sum here are from final fantasy buy sum are not.

White mage support with sheild bubbles healing circles and holy damage.

Cleric class that focus on defence and attack buffs.

Chemist class that focuses on defuffs on bosses.

A class that throws bombs and grenades would be awesome. A dwarf like the ones in Yorn. It could have specific combos like have some generic nade that applies a buff to teammates and a debuff to bosses and then the other bombs would have different effects based on that.

For example it would throw a nade on teammates that applies “Umar’s blessing” to those affacted which idk gives you maybe some attack speed or something. If it hits the boss it would apply “Umar’s curse” and it takes some increased damage or stagger. Then you throw a different nade and it would consume that buff and would let’s say heal or shield your teammates in exchange or if you throw at the boss it would deal stagger dmg.

Something like that with a wide variety of combos and combo chains would be fun as f but I know the idea is silly and it’s probably just me.

Also something like a necromancer or “blood mage” would be pretty cool. Like it would heal you by sacrificing it’s own health and would have different ways to restore it. I think that would be pretty cool as well. A support transformation class maybe.

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Gunner healer
1: nanomachines for damage reduction, healing *hots
2: laser beams for buffing
3: throw bombs for shields
4: presses goggles like cyclops animation/or like dragon ball to check battle power, debuff boss/buff party
5:awakening, calls in a mech to heal and damage reduction
6:damage awakening, throws allooooooot TNT

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This would be a neat idea for the female paladin. I was thinking a priestess would be a nice addition. Thing is, this identity kind of belongs to bard at the moment, as this literally describes their toolkit.

I like this idea too, I wouldn’t mind some type of shaman or druid either.

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