New Class Ideas

Alchemist (Support), Druid/Shapeshifter (Specialist), & Puppetmaster (Because Necro is Played out).


Ninja (Kusarigama), Monk (3-Piece Escrima Staff), Warlock,

I made a similar post but i’ll also post here. Dark Knight with life leech and self damaging skills. So instead of managing mana you manage your hp.

Life leech wouldn’t work in this type of game based on potion IMO.

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Althought there is life leech in Cube actually, it is %1 and it kinda works. Perhaps it can be made %0.25 etc.

What I mean is that it would be hell to balance, not that it’s impossible ^^

I think life leech is a possible idea. Identity bar could be essence. If you accidently mismanage it and deplete it you lose 30% of your current health,

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Steve from Minecraft

We’re dreamers, not devs.

Right, i do agree it might give problems. Maybe then it might give “% increase HP” buffs? Like shields from gun lancer, but not shield, instead its max hp

Man, the idea gave me goosebumps. I’d ask for a release now xD

The Western version should get a class that’s a martial artist, maybe something with a Polearm, it should be flashy with good range thanks to the long weapon, it should be named Spear Lord or something.

Oh wait.

Sincerely - Lance Master waiting room.

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I don’t know why not :stuck_out_tongue:

What about instead of managing your health, you would manage a dark sword that can swing on it’s own or that you can wield with some abilities, a bit like how Thaemine does when he fight ( I don’t know if you saw him yet). You could also sacrifice her sometimes to get a %dmg buf or maybe a small heal.

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Sounds real nice, i visioned a character that can eventually give max hp buff to team for small durations, that way Bards or Paly’s can get synergy for their shields. Perhaps have 1st time ever support synergy