New class? Question/ Idea

So what are the chanced we will get a necromancer class? I know there is the summoner which is a similiar class that is not yet released in NA/EU but it’s not quite the same as the summoner with the skeletons/the undead, the bone spells and all that stuff so i was kinda interested about that. So my question is, will there ever be a place in Lost Ark for a class like that because im not so sure it fits the story setting of the game, but the game still so well done and so well polished and everything, all of the classes are fun to play and im sure im still going to find my place in it even doe i usually play a necro class in RPG i have a feeling im not going to miss it in a game like this :smiley:

the plan is to eventually have a opposite gender for each class. Since there’s no male summoner, maybe they’ll go that route for the male version of the summoner. Would be pretty cool indeed

Highly unlikely that it will happen anytime soon though

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I want female archer, Ninehveh style, that’s not as boring to play as sharpshooter.

I wish for a Samurai type class


Honestly I’m hoping female Zerker has a more muscular definition kinda like an Amazonian Warrior or a Gym fit body instead of this smooth femine, soft skin look the woman have.

Instead of a Samurai Class I’d rather get Samurai Transmogs for the gear and weapon, 2 hand Katana I believe they are called ōdachi, Like not just samurai war armor but also Kimono and the Hakama as well would be nice.

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Yea it would, that idea didn’t even cross my mind doe, nice thinking dude!

Weird fetish with the female zerker but yea, a samurai class would be cool too.

That is kinda the lance master doe, i mean she doesn’t have a sword but a lance and a hallberg but the playstyle is similar to that of a samurai.

I’m sure they would make it feel completely unique.
If they managed to make Gunslinger and Deadeye and 4 martial artists using their fists have different feels, they can figure stuff out :laughing:

But also, lance master is giving me more of Dragoon vibes from FF14 than a Samurai.

Fetish, nah man having a Slim petite female as a warrior in bulky armor is a weird fetish.