New Class "swordsman"

Hello, I come here to give my humble opinion about the Warrior class, I see that its variations are very interesting, a robust class and support at the same time, but I see that it lacks a more impactful class, I act and with a considered fast attack. So I thought, why not launch a “swordsman” with a long sword, similar to a katana, with fast attack skills, bursts of attack, fast cuts, concentrated attack, a true “samurai”, but with all the originality of the lost ark, of course! This is my opinion and I hope someone likes it.


U know that class exist calling deathblade

Warriors could see use of a “Samurai” type like you described for sure,
as would Assassins with a “Ninja” type both in LOA style

you know there is a reaper right? (or, will be post launch)

Yeah and its more a Rogue than a Ninja…