NEW custom DPS meter!

I just came up with an awesome DPS meter for the game. It works on the human brain operating system and is really something else! Can’t wait for you to try it out!

Here’s how it works!

Sub +15 Argos Gear
Your damage is low

+15 Argos gear all slots
Hey your damage is all right

+16 Weapon
Your damage is really getting good!

+16 on all pieces
Whoa you are hitting like a truck!

+17 on all pieces
Oh my goodness you are really doing a lot of damage there bud!

+18 on all pieces
I am so glad there is no friendly fire right now

+19 on all pieces
You are basically a walking raid party now! Is there anything you can’t carry??

+20 on all pieces
Congratulations! you beat the game at this tier! You are basically hitting with force that could cause another extinction of the dinosaurs. You are really something special now and everyone is going to stand in awe of you in their party as you single handedly carry any available content.

So anyways folks I hope its not too hard for you to figure out how to use it.
If I come up with any updates I’ll be sure to share it with you. Happy DPSing!


lol niceee

+20 weapon and 15 on everything else
I really like playing Berserker too!

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