New EU region ? a EU west region?

will the new EU region be a EU west located server location?
So EU west players will have better latency on those servers?
and we cant redem all the founder packages or skins we have earned from like twitch drops …

seems like a big “screw you” to the EU west players that have supported the game from pre launch.

They really need to let us transfer our accounts to EU West if this is the case.

No, the new region and servers will be hosted at the exact same location as the current EU region - Frankfurt, Germany. If your internet connection is good, you will have anywhere between 15 and 50 ms, no matter where you are in the EU (and even Turkey). Their servers, latency-wise, have been excellent so far. If only we could say the same about the availability…


I could just not find a clear statement other than calling it a new EU region. so could be a EU east or West region.

They could have said, A new central EU region. but no

They call it EU West here: Update on Current Top Issues

“Despite all of this work, we are still seeing massive queues within the EU region and, as such, we have just announced that we will be opening a whole new EU region, EU West.”


:frowning: well then, if they want to reduce the overpopulated playerbase on the Central region now, transfers of accounts would help alot. plus the new region will first open on a later date(march), so are we supposed to just not play? since its will just be wasted progress, when we cant transfer the progress … pfff what a mess

I don’t think it’ll be march before the new region opens. The gift pack that they are releasing has a deadline of logging on by March 1st, and they aren’t starting the availability until after the new region launches. I’d expect there to be at least 5-7 days for logging in to claim it. Which means we should have the new region within about a week at most. Obviously this is my own speculation but it’ll definitely be before March.

“We will make the gift available after the new region is up and running. Anyone who enters Arkesia from the time the gift is available through March 1st at 11:59pm PT (March 2nd at 8.59am CET) is eligible to receive it.”

It’s a good thing they called it EU West. This is meant to push new Western Europeans to go there instead of the old servers.

and thats the probleme, how eu central gonna look in 2-5 years ? amazon don’t see in the futur, its not riot sadly, its ok riot game will show them how to run a MMORPG when they will release there game

The game is great, but with Amazon running it, I doubt it will last 5 years. If I didn’t spend 175 bucks on it (yeah, I was that stupid, I bought SIlver, Gold and Platinum) I would already be playing something else.

I really don’t know why AGS is that amateur, even the name of the charactere are translated by ape

where u got info about when they relase new region?

my problem is that if the servers are located more in the west; we will have a better connection us in the West. most player atm already have a EU account and made huge progress, spent money on the account and so on.
It would makes more sense to actively let players move from the current EU region that is overpopulated over to the new West region therefore reducing the queues.

Are you sure?

It could also be that Central Europe is named such since its on the AWS Central Europe datacenter, at least its possible when we consider the other AWS datacenter in Irland that just happends to be the West Europe datacenter. That would also further distribute the load and work just fine since the different regions doesnt interact with eachother