New EU Region Servers Open

@Roxx You have announced that after today’s maintenance the servers of the new Europe region will be visible, but they will not be accessible yet, so the question is.
how long will it take until they can be accessed?
I would like to know to see if I continue to advance with my pj or better I leave it and wait to see how the population moves between the servers


It would be nice if you gave the folks in EU a general eta on them. Something like:

3-4 days or 1-2 weeks

Just anything that gives them a general idea of how long they need to wait.


That’s why I say it, because if they opened this weekend, which is when there are more people, you would certainly see how the population moves, opening during the week gives you an erroneous idea of the populations since fewer people connect

I hope they open it up before the weekend, and I’m sure they are doing their best to get it done asap. The longer it takes to get them up and running, less people will use it and stick to their current server as the progress/currencies/skins etc don’t move with them.
Right now we can only send energy for them

The reason they haven’t given timeframes is so that people don’t get their hopes up and start rioting when they can’t launch them on promised date because of issues.

Setting up servers takes a while, even if it’s easy, maintaining stability because of the influx of players rushing there is difficult, and they need to test the servers for that.

@Roxx, sorry for taking your time.

Portugal, Spain, France or England will have better ping on Europe West or that doesn’t matter? It’s really a location or just a “name”?

I have stopped advancing with my Brelshaza character, I am dedicating myself to testing classes until the new region opens… if Brelshaza empties I stay and if I don’t move to the new Region, that’s why it would be good if they opened the end of week that is when there are more people and you can see better how the players are distributed

supposedly just the name, the servers I think are going to be physically hosted in the same place as the current ones

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I think that so.

I am very optimistic they will open them tomorrow to avoid the weekend fiasco. The new region is hosted at the exact same location - Frankfurt, Germany.