New EU server languages

It goes without saying that this whole fiasco is not the most ideal situation we are all experiencing.

In order to not repeat history with EU servers and the native language issue. Is there a way of being able to tell which of the new servers have been adopted by which language groups?

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if they add an official server language they need to give people free transfers now so you can move if you dont agree with the language.
As long as it isent stated i count all servers as English servers and i am not english.

As long as they do this quickly i fine with these two things.

If you are asking if anyone has claimed a specific language on those new. No, there is no such thing.

But if you need someone, than i claim all new servers are international language :wink: as most activities are region wide, it really does not matter in the endgame that much. It only matters if it bothering you during leveling.

I doubt they will give free Transfer maybe Pay for Transfer but defenitly not free because they will be losing money. Just saying

The issue mostly happens later if and when you want to try and find a guild. If your main language is english ingame and you happen to be on a 90% french or german speaking server. (or vise versa)

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THE NA / EU is in Bad Shape right now and Free to play will be release in a couple of Hours. what could go wrong?? LOL

They could just give us seperated global channels, like in other games.

You chose your global language and thats it. No need to tag servers now or server transfers.

But I gues this would mean work and actualy caring about your costumers, so a big nope from AGS.