New event confusion - Per character per day, or per roster

The new event is a ton of fun, really easy to clear by yourself and the vendor in concert with the other material sources that have been added are EXACTLY what we needed while we’re waiting for Challenge Abyssals and G raids.

One thing that concerns me however is the descrepancy between the announcement and the in-game reality as it pertains to entries per day.

The announcement shows:

However in-game currently you can do the event once per day per CHARACTER, not per ROSTER. I am sincerely hoping this is a translation error and not an unintended change that will be reverted, because as it stands one character doing the event every day and getting both weekend bonuses will not be enough to clear out the vendor every week.

In the event this was patched in error, just say it was a translation issue and leave it as is - right now this event is a big win, please don’t throw away the good favor you’ve earned with players here by patching it such that we can only enter once per day per roster.

You’ve scored with this patch today, please I’m rooting for you guys here - don’t throw it all away by reverting this, just say it was a translation error and everything will be OK.

must be a typo, in RU you could do it daily on all of your alts.

cool i can do it more

Do you mean actual Challenge Abyssals? Or are you saying this event with the triple guardians happened in Russia as well?

triple guardian event

@Roxx Hey, sorry to disturb you, but could we please have some clarification about this before the reset today? That way we’ll know if we can safely run our various characters through the event and collect currency or if it’s going to be considered a bannable exploit.

Doesn’t make sense if it’s even on borderline Bannable Offense

Considering you’re using different characters to play instead of repeating event using same character

No, definitely not.

Can we please get a comment on this @Roxx <3

C’mon guys - I need to go to bed tonight knowing I won’t wake up to the world on fire, please just confirm you aren’t gunna do the dumb thing.

It’s once per character. The low currency received per run (200 and 300 during weekends) should indicate that was the way it was intended. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get all the listed rewards rewards. If I counted correctly (a bit tired at this point) you need ~2200 currency to get ALL the rewards, and you get 200x5 + 300x2 = 1600 if running a single char daily. Granted you may not need all the rewards, so that might be just enough for your needs.

It also helps people that can’t play for several days and can catch up in a day or two.

So yes, the good news is that you don’t need to farm it on every character every single day and running a couple of characters during weekends will net you the best currency income.

That’s my core thought as well - the math just stops making sense completely if it was intended to be once per roster per day. The thing I find weird though, is how specifically the text references the event functioning the same way the Arkesia racing event operates which it fundamentally does not.

As with everything, it’d just be nice to have an official word so we can just put it to bed right now.

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dont forget to loot the chest. i forgot, after re-clear chest does not appear. shit happens :smiley:

Hi there! Here to clarify it is per character per day to make things a little easier for players. We have updated it in the article and patch notes as well. Sorry for any confusion!


@Roxx Thanks so much for getting back to us about this, really appreciate it.

Again I just wanna re-iterate how great of a win this - the event is awesome and it’s exactly what we needed.

Don’t listen to the people who ignore the stagger who say the event is bad, they just can’t understand why slamming their faces into the bosses isn’t working. And those who say we needed the honing rate change instead don’t understand what they’re saying - this was the right way to fix the issues players are dealing with right now.

One thing I think you guys do need to take a look at is silver income; a consequence of all these honing materials being added to the game is that players are progressing their gear very quickly (as you guys have stated you intend for us to do) however we do not have enough sources of silver in game to keep pace with all these honing materials we’re being given.

We’re in a weird situation right now where we’re being given an artificial injection of honing materials, one consequence is that we are outpacing the silver generation that occurs at our given ilvl bracket because the game assumes we should be generating a given amount of honing materials at that ilvl to pair with our silver and gold generation.

This balance has been distorted at one end of the equation, and the result is that the changes you guys have made are not fully achieving their intended goals. We have had these 2 events added because we are missing certain content types that would normally exist at the point in progression our version of the game is at, the result being that players were generating less honing materials than we would expect in T3.

The issue was acknowledged and the events were added to resolve the issue however now we are all bottlenecked by silver because under normal circumstances players would not be able to hone this many times this frequently, and your normal silver generation would be enough to sustain your honing.

Really easy fix, just add silver caches to the vendors proportionate to all the honing materials sources that have been artificially added - artificial honing materials offset by artificial silver, problem solved.