New event not giving any reward

The new event called something like “Guardian Assault” sorry because I have it in Spanish, it’s not giving me any reward and I tried twice.

First time I was told that I have to open some kind of chest, so I assumed I just missed and exit, however I’ve just tried again, and there’s nothing at all in the whole map. I reviewed the locations where all guardians fall, and also waited for the bodies to disappear, just in case it’s underneath.

Dear Lost Ark Enjoyer, please read the item descriptions.
Sincerely another lost ark enjoyer.

You mean that it’s a small chance to get it, and not mandatory? So there’s a real chance that I did this twice and get absolutely nothing?

After you kill them all you get a chest next to nacresena’s lying body. You loot it and you get 200 of it and can redeem it on Mio which can be found in any major city if you press M and type “Mio” (language shouldn’t matter since its a unique name)

Chest only spawns the first time you clear it on each character daily. I forgot to loot the chest on my main too, and unfortunately it just means no event loot on that character for one day. Good news is you can still do it once each on alts.

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Hi! The thing it’s that there’s no chest anywhere. It might be related with missing it the first time as the next reply says.

It’s weird, because every time the badge NPC where you enter says it’s available, but might be what you say. I’ll have to try later today. Thanks a lot

Just like anything it should reset daily. Try with another character if you have another level 50 with 250 ilvl should super easy to do with matchmaking. Chest is quite quite shiny so you can’t miss it.

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