New Event Sucks

Guardian raids are already bad enough. Why would you think we want an event where we fight multiple guardians? It’s boring, it takes a long time, it’s a daily, and it’s absolutely unrewarding aside from the vendor.

Please design better events or just give free stuff and let us do the usual things. Nobody would mind not having to play this event.

haha its fun ^^
and you only need 10 a week to get everythingfrom the event shop

I see someone doesn’t know how to do it. Should only take 6-10 min


It takes about 6 minutes and its fun


I hit one time for like 33 million, felt like god lol, such a fun event.


The new event is extremely fun. It doesn’t take much time (can be easily done within <5 mins), it has a lot of action & and the rewards are great.

Honestly, I wish our default guardian raids were like this.

I can’t even imagine HOW you’re playing if you find it harder & more boring than regular guardian raids.

Lol, if I had $1.00 everytime SWTOR added an event that people complained about I would be rich. We always told them they had the option not to do it and same here. I haven’t did it yet but I am not level 50 yet (yea taking my time)

I’m constantly in groups that almost time out. I can’t control everyone in the group.

Are you doing it solo?

It isn’t “harder” it’s just another guardian raid. All guardian raids are boring and take too much time.

you don’t need to.

you just need to destro a weakspot and collect the orbs and get a MASSIVE buff.

Just solo it


Got it. If it cuts down the time this event takes I’ll do it. Thanks.

Dude, no offense or anything, but if you’re not level 50 you have only played like 5% of the game and have no frame of reference.
How are you going to argue about guardian raids and guardian raid events when you have never entered one?

Let me tell you a tip OP. Of the 3 guardians there is one that is special that you either have to do destruction or stagger mechanic, after you do that he drops a orb that throws your damage to the sky. The event don’t take any longer than 5-6 minutes.

In other words git gud.

no i do it in matchmaking, I just just give groups an explanation of the mechanic at the start and its been super quick

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Maybe not here but I have 14 characters on SWTOR at Level 80 and I do know about how long it takes to do things, and I serious doubt this game is any different, other than the end game and the events so just because I am not 50 yet doesn’t mean I have no knowledge of reference of time it takes.

You have a good day, because I am not going to get into an argument about events here and the events on SWTOR.

It’s quite fun actually. I deal 3-4 times the damage und have basically no cooldowns.

5 mins is not long ?

??? Litte bit contradicting?

I would mind. See above …

Anyway. Maybe play the mechanic as intended and dont run with you head against a wall. :slight_smile:

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You had me until you dropped the dark souls bullshit

Why do you people exist? The event is fine, allows you to scale up real high and absolutely destroy guardian raid bosses that you’ve previously done.

Honestly, all you whiners sound like all you want is for the dev’s to just boost you to 1490 so you can go die from one shot mechanics until you quit.

Do us and yourself a favor and just leave now before the devs start listening to you.

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Maybe it’s fun for you because you’re low level or something, but all guardian raids suck. yes I was playing it wrong, but more guardian raids is never good.

Many groups that are playing right now take almost 20 minutes because the mechanic is not well explained within the game itself. What I mean by “unrewarding” is that it is unrewarding to play. If you are only playing it to get the currency and hating the event it is indeed an “unrewarding experience”. this is not a contradiction.

From what I’ve seen in this thread there are people who like the event. This surprised me. However it seems to be low level people getting a kick out of being scaled up. At higher levels people tend to dislike the event as we are being scaled down, or at least it feels that way as the guardians are highly scaled up.

It’s a recycled event based around one of the least fun activities in the game. I’m glad to learn there is a way to do it much quicker, but the event still sucks and is a chore.